all-purpose cardigan


Have been look­ing for an all-pur­pose cardi­gan a while. You know, a cardi­gan that will go with any­thing. I fol­lowed this pat­tern, and used a neu­tral grey wool, with a soft yel­low bor­der to make it a bit more interesting.

I made it over the past month while work­ing on final papers. It kept me from los­ing my mind :)

And now that school is out I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing on a new pat­tern for the blo­giver­sary of gen­uine mud­pie! I know, I’m a month late (it was some­times in the mid­dle of March, but I was so busy it came and went before I real­ized it), but I sup­pose bet­ter late than nev­er! It’s my very first gar­ment pat­tern, will be post­ing it once I have it blocked and pho­tographed :D

Also went on our annu­al cher­ry blos­som view­ing this week­end! Will be post­ing about that soon as well. Lots of blog­ging to do this week! :D Yay end of semester!

Have a great start to the week, everyone!




6 thoughts on “all-purpose cardigan

  1. Very excit­ed for your gar­ment pat­tern! You have such won­der­ful taste, I know it will be ele­gant and practical :)

  2. i love your cardi­gan! I love the white edges, and best of all, it looks very cozy! Good luck on your new semes­ter, trish! =)

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