sewing frenzy, episode one


I spent much of last week sewing. My goal was to make several light square tops in preparation for the super hot Toronto summer (although it’s rather unseasonably cold at the moment. Also, there’s an awesome super easy square top tutorial by C&C if you’re interested :D).

Bought this fabric at a very friendly and affordable fabric shop downtown (will visit again!). I first made a square top, and then I thought it would look great if it were longer, so I added more fabric to the bottom. But then it looked really wide and a bit tent-like on me, so I added two buttons and crocheted button loops on the sides so I could fold the sides in to give it some shape. 


So it ‘s more a rectangle than a square. And here’s how the buttons and button loops are placed.


More of a front view… 


On a separate note, while taking these photos with a self-timer I attempted to take levitating photos like the awe-inspiring ones by Natsumi Hayashi (it’s fascinating! Check them out if you have a moment :D). Thought this would be a nice top to levitate in style :P But it really made me realize how very difficult it is to not only jump at the right time but also look naturally floating in mid jump! Plus the shutter speed of my point & shoot isn’t really fast enough to take good levitating photos. I gave up after 10 jumps or so (really out of shape!) and therefore don’t have any successful pictures to show… but maybe I’ll ask Mike to help me with his super camera some day…

More sewing projects to come! :D

Happy Wednesday!




5 thoughts on “sewing frenzy, episode one

  1. This is such a fancy, beautiful project! It’s also something of the retro, glamorous, and funky! good idea! =)

  2. also, i just browse through the levitating photos you mentioned — the first one she took of herself in front of the Duomo in Florence!!! Brings back memories, and also, the photo technique is tres cool.

  3. oooh, did not know that was florence! i also like the photographer’s fashion style :D we should try taking levitating photos when we get together! :D

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