rice of all shapes and sizes


My friend post­ed a pic­ture of her lunch box on face­book one day, with oni­giri (Japan­ese rice ball) in it. I asked if she could teach me how to make them when we get togeth­er next time, but we both have busy sched­ules and it was going to be a while before we could get togeth­er, so she sent me this video. 

It seemed doable. So Mike and I set out to make it. We got salt­ed her­ring and avo­ca­do for fill­ing. As you can see, they did­n’t turn out per­fect­ly tri­an­gu­lar as the video has shown, and the salt­ed her­ring was real­ly salty, while the rice sur­round­ing it was rather bland. But they were cute! :D


They actu­al­ly did­n’t taste too bad. But I tried to think of ways to improve them. So I boiled the her­ring and pat­ted them dry before­hand. I also sprin­kled salt on my hand while form­ing the oni­giri (I skipped this step in my first attempt even though it was part of the video instruc­tion, because my hands are per­pet­u­al­ly dry with occa­sion­al tiny cuts and the thought of sprin­kling salt on my hands just made me wince… but it was­n’t too bad when I actu­al­ly did it). And I put a bit more fill­ing into each one. Also, I fig­ured out how to make them “per­fect­ly tri­an­gu­lar” like the Misa said in the video — I just need­ed to put more rice in my hand! 

So, the sec­ond attempt!


I brought them to school the oth­er day :D Can’t real­ly see them because they’re wrapped, but they are more tri­an­gu­lar! And they tast­ed much bet­ter with the her­ring being less salty.

Will be mak­ing more of them, I’m sure. They’re actu­al­ly real­ly fill­ing. Per­fect for an evening class that stretch­es over din­ner time.

On a sep­a­rate note, had a love­ly evening last night get­ting togeth­er with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time, with a pink vel­vet cup­cake! It was so pret­ty, I have to share a pho­to :D


Have an awe­some week­end, every­one! :D


2 thoughts on “rice of all shapes and sizes

  1. My hus­band’s Mom used to make oni­giri. He said she made some with the pick­led plum (meboshi) and some with­out. He liked the plain. She also used sea­soned rice vine­gar. Now I guess I have to make some; think I would like it with red bean paste. Yum!

  2. i’ll have to try adding rice vine­gar. it did­n’t say to do that in the video, but i think it will make it taste more like sushi and a bit less bland. i love red bead paste! :D

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