this week’s awesome finds

I thought I‑cords are always made with those I‑cord makers, didn’t know that it could be knitted on needles. Elizabeth’s Zimmermann’s I‑cord tutorial, from the Purl Bee.


Children’s scribbles made stylish by the magic of shrink plastic, from Michelle Dupuis at Rust & Sunshine. (I especially love the awesome necklace in the post)


More shrink plastic goodness — this is so very cute! From Ishtar Olivera.


Did you know that wire can be made out of pop bottles? How fascinating. Saw this on WikiHow.


Awesome wire tutorial (along with many other basic wire tutorials too — I’ve always wanted to learn wirework skills!). So generously shared by Eat Breath Design.   


Love the idea of a memory bank. Can be made out of any piggy bank. One could even make a piggy bank. Instead of money, it saves items with emotional values like love notes and ticket stubs. Spotted on Swissmiss.


We need to make this, Mike! Book cover for wireless router, from Apartment Therapy.


Looks pretty straight forward and I like the pockets. Might be a good step up from my square blouses and square skirts. From Crafterhours.


Ooooh. Très chic. Very simple material too. From Elisa McLaughlin Design.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!





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  1. oooh, memory bank! i’ve had one since i was little. have always been a pack rat, as you know…

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