polo refashion


Look what I did with my old Starbucks work clothes! :D

I was just about to toss these black polo shirts out, because I don’t really like polo shirts. They were already in the donation bag. But then I saw this refashion tutorial from C&C.

Wear the shirt backwards and swap out the plain black buttons for colourful ones! It’s brilliant.

Mine wasn’t a men’s shirt like the one used in the tutorial, so I didn’t have to take the sides in. Just cut off the collar and hemmed the neckline, and added red buttons. There was another one I that refashioned in the same way; I didn’t even swap out the buttons because I liked the white iridescent ones that came with the shirt.

Very simple. And I’ve got two new shirts to wear! :D


May your week be filled with simple joys.




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