weekend quick sew


Hel­lo, friends! :D

Made this quick­ly one after­noon out of the back piece of an old, over­sized sleep shirt.


The mate­r­i­al is very light and soft and com­fort­able. I avoid­ed using the front of the shirt, which has a spark­ly sheep print­ed on it, but the back piece was not quite long enough so I had to sal­vage the bot­tom part of the front piece. And I sewed the pieces togeth­er with the seam allowance fac­ing out, makes it more inter­est­ing. It’s so great that knit mate­r­i­al does­n’t fray.


Have a hap­py Sunday!




3 thoughts on “weekend quick sew

  1. Could you email me more details about how you made your shirt? The main thing I need to know is what you did for the back since you said you avoid­ed the spark­ly sheep.

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