the magical value village

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again — Value Village is a magical place.


It truly is! I have a pair of capris that I tried to turn into shorts, but then I cut too much and it was too short, so I thought I could lengthen them with some hem trimming. And I thought some vintage fabric would look cool. So I had in my head this vision of a yellow floral vintage sheet and looked through hundreds of listings on Etsy but couldn’t find anything I wanted. 

So I thought I’d make a trip to Value Village and give it a try. And it was right there, waiting for me on a hanger in the linen department…


It was perfect! Not only was it the pattern I was envisioning, it was also a ginormous king size sheet for 4.99! There are parts of it that are more yellow and parts of it more grassy green. I think I’m going to make a 1960-esque sun dress with the rest of it :D

I got so carried away trying to find a sun dress pattern I almost forgot about trimming the shorts. But here they are :D


Lovely pattern, eh?


Also from the linen department I found a pillow case made of a very light fabric with leaf patterns. I’ve always wanted a leaf pattern top :D (I used a square blouse pattern like this one.)


That’s not it. On my way out of the linen department I spotted this… *gasp*


YARN!!! It’s YARN!!! 4 skeins of this soft mottled brown/tan wool for 2.99. It kinds of look like roving, but it’s 30% wool + 70% acrylic. Don’t know what I’m going to make with it yet, but I like the colours a lot.

See? Value Village is a magical place :D


On a separate note, it was my niece Lucy’s first birthday last week and I mailed this to her…


Because she’s also known as Queen Lucy (as in Queen Lucy of Narnia). And because it might be useful for future dress-up games. I made it following this pattern. It can be quite a versatile crown for a queen, king, princess, prince, or other royalties. 

I was going to sew on some buttons, but then I thought buttons could be choking hazards. So I embroidered with some purple yarn instead. 

I don’t think Queen Lucy would mind me trying on her crown to show my blog friends.

Mike and I later got a photo her wearing it and spinning :D


Have a wonderful week, everyone!





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