anniversary village tour :D

 Our wedding anniversary happens to fall on a Saturday this year. To celebrate, we toured Black Creek Pioneer Village. It’s kind of like getting out of the city, and travelling to another time, even, while still being in the city and being able to go home for dinner :D 

 Dogs contributes to the family’s livelihood too. They run in the wheel and churn butter. 


 At the same time, these sheep…


… they produce wool for dyeing and spinning. This skein was dyed with onion skin.


The friendly docent said that they don’t add other things to fix the dye. Just boil it for a long time over the fire.


Finally understand what carding means…


In another house, a docent is getting the oven ready to bake some lemon biscuits. I realized that the docents weren’t pretending. They carry out chores and work in the village as though they were living there, and they chat with visitors as they come. Many things they make, like rugs, blankets, wool, wooden toys and bread, are sold in the gift shop to support the operation of the museum. The mill makes flour for the village’s use. This is fascinating. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work as a museum docent. How would it feel at the end of the work day when they move to a different way of life?


Anyway, I digress. Here we’re in the tinsmith’s shop, where the lovely tin ceiling pieces come from.


 Gorgeous wallpaper.


The printer’s office, Mike’s favourite place.


I love old windows.


We took a lunch break at the Half Way House, with yam chips, and beer brewed on site :D


 Then we went to the dressmaker of the village.


 She demonstrated the sewing machine, but the needle was out. It stitches sideways. I like how small and simple it is. 


 We then went to the weaver’s. Rug woven with wool and strips of fabric.


Chatted with a cow. Good times.


Some wasps made themselves a home.


Flowers from the garden.


Hope your weekend was wonderful! :D Have a great start to the week! 


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  1. What a nice way to celebrate your anniversary! Ours is on July 29th; my husband’s birthday is on the 28th :-).

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