oh glorious summer

The glorious final weeks of summer holiday! Worked on a pile of projects :D 

Was visiting Kathleen’s blog the other day and found tons of cool stuff to make! Including this star-shaped blanket (following a pattern called Beth’s Little Star — I just had to make it!)… 

I called it the rainbow road blanket, because the colours reminded me of the rainbow road level in Mario Kart. It’s for for my young niece (who is very cute and amiable and reminds me a lot of Ponyo as she’s starting to talk and walk) and her soon-to-be-born sibling :D

Also inspired by Kathleen’s blog is this bookworm bookmark! Her yarnbombing with bookworms is ingenious and TOTALLY AWESOME! I would love to do that one day. So far I’ve made one for a book-loving friend :D

I used an orange yarn because I kind of wanted it to look like Slimey from the Muppets. 

This granny shrug has been on my to-crochet list for a long time. I made it with a light fuzzy yarn the colour of Prince Edward Island’s red soil. Not a style I usually wear, and can’t see the granny square (actually, it’s two hexagons stitched together) pattern very well, but it’s really soft! Very comfortable for lounging in at home, I think.

Then I sewed a dress. With fabric I got from my mom’s collection. It’s a very soft kind of fabric with lovely polka dots and I’ve been wanting to make something summery with it for a long time. Was having a very motivating conversation with my friends about sewing dresses, so I thought instead of making the square top that I make a lot of, I’d try to sew a dress!

It’s actually still a square top with faux button panels (which means that the buttons are just sewed on, there are no button holes), for which I got the idea from C&C’s tutorial. The top was cut to a mid-waist length, then I sewed on a skirt made with two trapezoid pieces of fabric. I found enough yellow buttons in my collection that looked like lemon drops :D

And last but not least, shop update for the fall season!

The fall harvest treat magnet set! Here’s a closeup of the pumpkin pie, which I’m rather happy with…

I actually made his cousin first, which has an upper crust, because I didn’t know that pumpkin pies aren’t like apple or strawberry pies, they don’t have upper crusts! (probably because I don’t bake very much, and didn’t grow up in a country where pumpkin pies were popular) Mike reminded me of that and I remade the pie slice.

I also started Christmas-elfing (i.e. making Christmas presents) and made 3 scarves, but of course I can’t show you those yet… ;)

Off to the Bruce Peninsula this long weekend! Will bring back lots of pictures!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!





14 thoughts on “oh glorious summer

  1. Love love love the worm! Adorable. He looks just like Slimey! And yarn bombing a library with ‘book’ worms… genius! I love how clever crafty girls are. :)

  2. Hi Trish,
    I’m visiting via Signed with an Owl. And I’m glad I stopped by, because I love your blog! You’re clearly a very talented (and busy) lady!!!
    I love your star — what a cool project! And the bookworm is so cute!!! :-)
    Until my next visit.….

  3. Hey Trish — I didn’t see this post until now. That’s so neat how the blanket you made for us has my name right in the title! haha.…“Beth’s little star”…so maybe we should come up with a name for the new baby that means “little star”? What do you think? ;)

    Thanks again for your thoughtful beautiful gifts!

  4. Oh dear, you have reminded me that I need to finish my shrug, too! I’m bringing it out right now! Have been working on the sky scarf, though. Think I’m up to July 4th or 5th, with starting the first day of summer. Only cast on 28 stitches (the moon cycles) so it does go pretty fast. 

    The star blanket is so very cool; she will love it!

  5. I LOVE the book worms! I made a whole bunch (like 40 — call me crazy) for my reading/trivia competition team through school. The team loved them and I always had a few extras in my backpack in case someone needed a bookmark. I also love that dress, and I’m super jealous of your mad sewing skillz, haha!

  6. very quick shrug to make if the hook is large and yarn is thick! :D i’m thinking about making another sky project for the start of fall as well…

  7. Trish, I love the dress! Let’s set up another sewing date, please. I’d love it if you could teach me how you made it. :)

  8. thanks jenn! it’s very easy! maybe i should’ve drawn a diagram on how to sew it… but it’s basically a variation of the square blouse :D

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