Not much to report late­ly. Still try­ing to get a rhythm of all the dif­fer­ent (and some new) projects and time­lines this fall. 

But at the end of the sum­mer I did man­age to fin­ish a new set of mag­nets. The idea of it has been lin­ger­ing in my head for a while. Tea time! :D


For­got to take a pho­to before I pack­aged it up for the shop, the shape of the teapot is a bit obscured by the plas­tic, and you can’t see the tea in the teacup (it’s made with yarn the same colour as the cook­ie)… will have a take bet­ter pho­tos if I make anoth­er set. Quite proud of the teapot, I must say!

And last week I saw this squir­rel eat­ing a pret­ty siz­able chest­nut. Â 

He was so focused and still that I was able to take a pic­ture of him (maybe it’s a she…?). And here he is, hav­ing peeled off all the shells and enjoy­ing the chestnut.

I love chest­nuts too.

Yes­ter­day, I tast­ed ground cher­ries for the first time! :D

(found this nice pic­ture here, with recipe! :D)


Intense flavour for such a small fruit!

New dis­cov­er­ies everyday.

Think­ing maybe I need to come up with a dai­ly art prac­tice in the midst of this busy­ness (which means it would have to be very short, so the square-a-day project would­n’t work very well — but I think it’s impor­tant for me to take the time to pause and make some­thing). Will keep you post­ed! :D

Have a great week­end, everyone!




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  1. Ooh, I love the tea set! That is adorable! I just recent­ly found your blog and must say that I LOVE it! You are so talented! :)
    God Bless!

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