late night felting

Was investigating the idea of wet felting as a possible group activity last night. The tutorials I read said that a felted bead takes about 30 seconds to a minute to make, so I thought, I’ll just give it a try now! I have a bunch of roving and there’s plenty of dish soap. 

But after an hour of rolling felt between my palms nothing really came together. Just clumps of shapeless fuzz that aren’t sticking together (they will be put into good use as stuffing for plushes). Possibly because I was trying to see if it would work with lukewarm water, because it won’t be possible to use boiling hot water in group.

Then I read a couple of tutorials of making felt bracelet with kids, and it involves warm water, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

It was indeed a lot easier. Here I am rolling the ends together on my own wrist. It was quite fun.


It turned out a bit big so I thread (or more like force, with the aid of a piece of wire) a red wooden bead onto it.


It feels very soft.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 






3 thoughts on “late night felting

  1. Glad you found the bracelet tutorial! They will love it! What are the ages of the kids? Needle felting would make those beads a lot easier. Wouldn’t work for your class but you’d enjoy it :-).

  2. i’m not working with kids at the moment, just thought boiling hot water + group of people doesn’t feel safe to me :S but i love needle felting! :D

  3. I have made bracelets and beads with children and adults. While it does take longer, I use tepid water and it works fine. To get an accurate bracelet fit, I use string. Have the person tie a piece of string around their wrist that can be slipped off and then felt over the string. (although I do love your quirky take on the bracelet!)

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