new sky project! :D

Needing a project that I can work on for a very short time each day, was contemplating doing another sky project (I made a scarf for my sister last fall — follow the link for the original pattern if you’re interested in making something similar! :D) because the idea is truly brilliant. And I was already thinking about crocheting a square-top kind of sweater with a large hook (for a soft drape). Thus begins the sky sweater project! :D


The first row! (the photo is kind of misleading… the sky was more grey than it was blue, and the yarn was of a lighter grey, as pictured below.)

With a 10mm hook, 2 rows a day according to the colour of the sky until I have enough length to make a sweater. It would just be a long rectangle with an neck opening in the centre, then folding in half along the shoulders and sewing the sides together to make a sweater. Here are the colours I’m using.

The yarn got tangled a lot last time I made the sky project and I spent more time untangling than crocheting. So this time I’m kind of limiting the colours I’m using, and crocheting with only one strand at a time. 

I wonder how long this is going to take… but image wearing the colours of the sky! :D Very excited.

Will keep you posted! Have an awesome day! :D




3 thoughts on “new sky project! :D

  1. Perfect new project, Trish! A small time commitment each day and wow, a beautiful sweater!!! I know what you mean about carrying all those strands on the sky scarf. I just couldn’t do it, so I’m just cutting and tying and calling it good. Maybe I’ll just cut all the little ends short and have a bit of a fringe. Either way, nothing was going to stop me in making the scarf. Of course, mine is only 28 stitches (the cycle of the moon) so hardly a scarf :-). But it will be such a lovely record of the year.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your sweater progress, should be lovely when finished. You are great for ideas. Sheila.

  3. thank you, everyone! i think the thing i like the most about sky projects is that there is no way of predicting how the stripe pattern will turn out :D

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