and we will put the lonesome on the shelf

I meant to post these photos much earlier but haven’t gotten around to it. Mike and I went to a wedding two weeks ago, and it was so sweet! One of my favourite part was someone playing Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I on a tin can banjo (hence the title of this post! :D).

Now I really want to learn to make and play a tin can banjo (forget about the fact that I’ve kind of given up on learning the ukulele. So sad that I missed the tuna can banjo workshop in the city last weekend :( hoping they’ll have another one in the future… anyway, I digress.)

These were hanging on the wedding arch.


The wedding took place on the border of Canada by the St. Clair River — Hello to my friends living in the United States! :D


The wedding was an excellent opportunity to put the handmade dress to good use :D 


Feeling the love in every detail :D


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 



4 thoughts on “and we will put the lonesome on the shelf

  1. Oh, Trish, don’t give up on the ukulele! It is a delightfully fun instrument. I played the ukulele during my singalongs when I worked at the nursing home. Now I mostly play with my Mom while she plays her accordion. Scandinavian music on the ukulele! Someone recently told me that the ukulele is very popular in Norway right now, so there you go :-).

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