sky sweater update!


The sky sweater should prob­a­bly be more pre­cise­ly called the morn­ing-sky-from-the-west-fac­ing-win­dows-sweater. Because that’s the time of the day and area of sky that I base my colour of the day on. 

As you can see, recent­ly there’s been quite a long stretch of over­cast white/grey days, with a day of sun­ny break in between. That was Thanks­giv­ing day, we went to the Har­bourfront with a friend and did some canoe­ing (just in a man-made pond) and oth­er fun stuff! (pic­tures to come)

The sky project is a pret­ty cool record of his­to­ry that way.

Struc­tural­ly I think I made it a bit too wide :S But I think it will fall nice­ly over the shoul­ders once it’s all done (it’s kind of like a square top).

Have a great day, everyone! 




4 thoughts on “sky sweater update!

  1. Hi Trish,
    Thanks for the update on your sweater…I just love it. I too am look­ing for­ward to see­ing the fin­ished product.

    In Dublin except for the last two days, your sweater would be most­ly gray, but today we had a love­ly autumn day, cold but very sunny.
    Take care, Sheila.

  2. thank you, every­one! i think the mag­ic of the sky project is that sweaters cre­at­ed in dif­fer­ent coun­tries or even just dif­fer­ent times of the day would look com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent! :D

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