weave party


It would be so much fun to organize a weaving party! :D

A comment from a blog visitor, Kate, has motivated me to just pick up some yarn and start weaving. Thanks, Kate! :D

I found a paper plate and cut notches all around it, about 1″ apart, and then taped lengths of cotton string across, like so…

Here’s the back of this make-shift loom…

Then I just tied a length of yarn to one of the strings in the middle and started weaving between the strings, over and under, over and under, over and under… Until I ran out of the colour of yarn I was using, then I tied a different colour of yarn to the yarn tail, and continued weaving…

When I’ve gotten a big enough circle (I decided that I wanted to make a coaster half way through), I cut the strings near where they’re taped to the plate, one at a time, and tied each loose end to the last round of weaved yarn.

I hid all the loose ends and yarn tails under a piece of felt, which I cut to the size of the finished weaving and sewed onto the weaving around the edge.

And this is the front!

A fun party coaster :D


Did it all while watching TV. Very relaxing. I think it would so much fun to organize a weaving party, where everyone can weave and chat.

Have a great evening, everyone!




20 thoughts on “weave party

  1. That is beautiful! I think I may try out weaving myself now! Maybe a tiny little weaving with embroidery floss for a necklace pendant..? Thank you once again for the ever inspiring project ideas! :)

  2. I recently bought the Martha Stewart loom weaving kit. A weave party would be soooo fun!!! Can I come? :D

  3. I love the idea of using a paper plate to create a loom. 

    I also think a weaving party sounds AWESOME. Weaving is definitely the kind of thing that doesn’t take too much brain power so you could really have a great time with a bunch of crafty girls. :)

  4. When getting pizza, we asked for a few extra sizes of the pizza rounds and used those. My young sons (8 & 10) are making hand bags and “boy stuff bags” ?? lol. You can connect 2 or fold 1 in half and stitch together. You can fold and stitch the upper 1/8~1/4 down. in or outside the pouch. Add a button or Velcro dot for a simple closer. Straps can be added using whatever scraps you have. You can braid thick yarn, attach 2 loops to the back, and the kids can put their belt through them and wear it that way. They have made hats, foot warmers, pot holders, and now are trying to find the best way to connect them together for small blankets for my older son’s twins. I love this craft, it is so easy for any age.

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