the finished sky sweater

It’s done! :D

Actually, it’s been done a while ago, just haven’t had time to post about it. It took about a month altogether. You can see the first post here, and updates here, here, and here :D)

Here’s the back of it…

And I like the different stripe patterns where the side seams meet :D

I finished all of the edges with a row of hdc.

It’s just one big rectangle with a neck opening. Perhaps when I have more time I can share how I made it. 

I think my love of making square tops and vests come from my mom. She used to crochet and knit a lot of vests too, from beautiful Japanese patterns (She’s expert at reading the charts; none of us in the family actually know how to read Japanese).

And finally, an awesome illustration that I think is quite fitting for this post…

via swiss miss


I will certainly be enjoying my new striped sweater very much :D

Have a great weekend, everyone!



10 thoughts on “the finished sky sweater

  1. Trish, are the stripes in the sweater related to the weather on a given day? I saw a blanket done like that before and just loved the idea.

    P.S. That sweater cartoon is so me… every Monday… lol!

  2. oh yes, i forgot to link back to the first post of the project! it explains the sky sweater idea :D it’s now added. thank you for asking the question!

  3. Your sweater turned out great, and I just love the whole idea behind the stripes!
    Hope you have a great weekend too!
    Kate :}

  4. So cool, Trish! Or I should say “warm”, as it will definitely keep you! Such a neat concept. My little strip of a sky scarf is going to have to start over, beginning the first day of Winter. It’s something you really need to do every day, rather than keep track on a calendar and hope you eventually get to it, which has been me :-).

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