this cthulhu, it has a soft side

I made this for my good friend (and talented artist!) Kityan, because it was her birthday. I couldn’t help but made myself one too.


It came from this pattern on Ravelry. I made mine a bit shorter, with velcro to keep the ends together, and also lined the back of it with fabric. The one for my friend has polka dots. Mine’s from an old shirt that got paint on it, with tiny purple flowers. I really liked that shirt, so I’m glad to be able wear it again in an other form. Perhaps tiny purple flowers are not something that we think a cthulhu would like — but one never knows! :D


Have a great Monday!




8 thoughts on “this cthulhu, it has a soft side

  1. dear friend,

    I can’t thank you enough for the thoughtful AND quirky gift !!! I love it! I need to compliment on the lining of the scarf-its well sewn and it won’t make my neck itchy — perfect!


  2. I love the scarf and the idea of lining it! I would never of thought of it.
    And thank for explaining what a ‘cthulhu’is…I couldn’t even get my tongue around pronouncing it!!

  3. thank you! i also had to click on the little speakerphone button on the wikipedia page to find out how to pronounce it! :P

  4. Before I knew how to actually pronounce Cthulhu, I made up my own pronunciation. WHICH I still prefer to use because it makes it sound all cute and cuddly! It sounds something like:


    Yes, I know that it has extra consonants and vowels. But it sounds so cute when you say it aloud! :)

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