long week

It was a really long and busy week last week, in the process of getting everything done before the holiday season.

I got home after a very long day, and I made something.

coral necklace 2


Corals! Here’s a closer look.

coral necklace 1



Actually, this idea came to me when I was travelling home on the bus and I felt that I would feel much better and more energized if I can just make it. I basically crocheted a tube, and crocheted corals on the tube all around. I then threaded the chain through the tube to make a necklace.

There’s something very meditative about crocheting corals.

I’ve had a good weekend after the long week, enjoying some Christmas festivities (photos to come!). Everything is winding down this week, getting ready for the holidays :D

Hope your week is filled with things that nourish you.





2 thoughts on “long week

  1. Beautiful!!! I love e colors, they remind me of a gentle coral reef or sea glass. Happy Holidays!!!

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