letting go week 2: books

jan14 books


Looks a bit like a sailboat, but it is in fact a stack of five books, including a few craft books. All of them were given to me, so now I’m going to give them away to others who might enjoy them :)

Be sure to check out Mike’s post this week in his parallel blogiverse*, Project Brewster.

To read the background story of my Letting Go project (i.e. why the messy, formless drawing?), see the first post here.

Have a great Tuesday!



*Anyone here a Fringe fan? :D



4 thoughts on “letting go week 2: books

  1. I started out watching Fringe, but it became a victim of the “wait months between seasons or for the mid-season break and bounce it around to different days and times so no one can find it anymore”. 

    I will wait for it to return via syndication and catch it in reruns from the start again… 

    Great letting go posts :)

  2. Oops — dogs interrupted me — I meant to also add, I love doing blind contours — so freeing! Hard to be overly self-critical when you do it. :) And yours look great!

  3. yay fellow fringe fans! :D i’m thinking of watching the first season of fringe again too! have forgotten a lot of the important pieces and got kind of confused watching the finale… i’m half hoping that the show will come back in some ways…

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