this week’s awesome finds

Love these super cute jam-filled cookies :D from According to Matt.


Turkish flat bead crochet — ever tried it? I’m intrigued… from Bead Crochet Snakes.


Aren’t this such a brilliant idea? Pressing plastic insects into cookie dough! Perfect for a dinosaur-themed party :D Fossil cookies from Martha Stewart Living.


These owls just have an adorably silly look to them. Pattern from Bunny Mummy.


I love that these pretty birds are made of crocheted circles! Also from Bunny Mummy.


The loveliest ballet slippers from Green Dragonfly.


On the lookout for twigs… Spring branch necklace from Plan B.


These made out of perler beads! Simply stylish. From The Southern Institute.


Have an awesome weekend, everyone!











4 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Oh dear. I’m really liking those purler bead earrings. And the birdies. And the owls (duh, of course). And the spring necklace, etc. etc. Wonderful finds, Trish!

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