this week’s levitations


 This was from earlier in the spring. My parents’ garden just started growing.



 Blooming trees in the neighbourhood :D



 A really warm weekend by Lake Huron.



 This is one of my very favourite so far. At the Toronto Public Labyrinth, with a bit of history:

As many labyrinths are found near the water, this labyrinth is located on the former course of Taddle Creek, a stream that has been buried for more than one hundred and fifty years. The granite blocks that have been set into the paving at the entrance to the labyrinth and the nearby water feature in the square serve as reminders of this buried creek.”


Have a great week, everyone!


2 thoughts on “this week’s levitations

  1. These are great!! Pretty soon we’re all going to forget that you can walk and we’ll believe that you float around everywhere you go!
    Kate :}

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