levitating like it’s 1920

peculiar me in 1920


I came across this book in the bookstore earlier in the week — a peculiar levitating child on the cover! I would have loved to read it when I was in my preteen years. I was really into haunted stories and such. But I’ve gotten more and more wimpy as I age, and I shy away from books like this lest it gives me nightmares. But it gave me an idea for a levitation photo, as we were going to a Gatsby-themed garden party this weekend at the Spadina Museum, and I thought it might be funny taking a similarly peculiar photo at a historic garden dressed in costume :D

Here’s a more cheerful version. The roses are gorgeous!

cheerful 1


Another cheerful version.

cheerful 2


Cheerful guest appearance by Mike :D (he never thinks what I do is too silly for him to join in. Isn’t he the most awesome?)

cheerful 3


We were looking forward to this ever since we heard about it weeks ago and were excitedly preparing our costumes :D Mike bought suspenders and a bow tie, and I bought a dress from the thrift store and made a hat from this pattern. I really liked the flower pattern on the crown.

party hat


 People come with such beautiful costumes!

party guests


There was a live band (note the musician playing the washboard! :D)

party band


Mike in 1920.

mike in 1920


Sunshine croquet :D

sunshine croquet


Mike joined in the dancing :D

party dance


I loved the beautiful plants inside and outside the house.

green house


spadina house


We had the most excellent time (and lots of pink lemonade) :D

Hope you have an awesome week!


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