lots of love

love knots1


I was making parting gifts for a team of people I’ve been working with for the past year. Needed a pattern that was quick and airy for the summer. Came across this pattern for a simple scarf made of love knots (or Solomon knots), it was perfect :D

I used Mary Maxim’s Step it Up. I love the colours and they’re quite affordable. I think I’m going to make myself a scarf as well!

love knots2


Have a lovely week! :D


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9 Responses to “lots of love”

  • Trish, these are so beautiful! I saw that the pattern called for DK yarn; how much different in size is that to the sock yarn that you used? Did you go down a size on the crochet hook? Yes, you definitely need to make one for yourself!

    I’ve been busy making lavender wands and chair socks, but may have to start on one of these scarves before I get back to my other projects :-).

    Your team is very lucky!

    • thanks Nancy! i did start add two more stitches to the foundation row to make up for the thinner yarn, and used a 3.5mm hook (i think the pattern calls for 4mm hook?). they turned out to be similar in width (~5″) as the pattern suggests.

      your lavender wands are beautiful! and chair socks are always fun :D happy crafting!

  • Love your scarves! So light and delicate…perfect for summer!! Definitely make one for yourself as well!!! :-)

  • That’s a beautiful scarf! I think I need to make one now…. :D

  • Those are fabulous! I love Solomon’s Knot…er, Love Knot. And that yarn worked great for those! :) And totally make yourself one! Or two! Or more! With that yarn, they’ll all look different! LOL

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