this week’s awesome finds

Sum­mer craft­ing! :D

Beau­ti­ful giant doily rug from Cre­ative Jew­ish Mom.


Origa­mi bags for trips to the farmer’s mar­ket :D Pat­tern on Whip Up.


Scarf to shrug for breezy sum­mer nights. How-to on Scarves dot net.


I think I might try to make this sum­mery dress! Tuto­r­i­al on Mer­ricks Art.


Ice cream pil­lows bring cool thoughts. Pat­tern by Twinkie Chan on Michaels.


From plain t‑shirt to fab­u­lous shrug — like mag­ic! By Aunt Peach­es.


Have always been intrigued by croc­o­dile stitch. Might start by mak­ing these love­ly flow­ers from B Hooked.


Hor­cha­ta Milk­shake! Looks so deli­cious! Made with coconut milk! :D anoth­er must-try. Recipe on Hen­ry Hap­pened.

Hap­py sum­mer craft­ing! :D











4 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. I’ve not seen that dress tuto­r­i­al before. It is stun­ning! I can’t wait to see your ver­sion. The tuto­r­i­al looks so sim­ple, but I’m a lit­tle hes­i­tant to wing it on a dress quite yet. (New­bie seam­stress alert!) ;)

    And, that cro­chet ice­cream pil­low is the cutest. I need one on my couch STAT! I’m pin­ning that one.

  2. i sew my first dress­es by wing­ing it and end­ed up with lots of dress­es not quite fit­ting :D (that’s why i like to use fab­ric from thrift­ed dress­es or bed sheets) i think the writer of that pat­tern also winged it a bit by trac­ing a shirt for the top part… i say, if you can sew a straight line, you can sew that dress! go for it :D

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