this week’s awesome finds

 Brilliant! I imagine there’s shredded coconut in the jar too so one could shake it and make it snow :D Snow globe cookie jar spotted on The Crafty Crow.


Last year we made a granola nut mix for our families (we called it the “happy health squirrel mix” :D I can’t remember what recipe we used though). We didn’t have time to do that again this year, but this looks delicious! Definitely saving it for next year. From Make and Takes.


A pom pom wreath! Awesome way to use up small bits of yarn and so very festive. Spotted on Do Stuff.


Magical acorn ornaments from Lil Fish Studios. They make great pendants too I think!


Templates for paper stars on Minieco. I love that they can be put over string lights.


 Love how quaint these tiny Santas are. Follow the link on How About Orange for the origami diagram.


They made a brief appearance in my friend Nancy’s blog post on The Pickled Herring, posing with the beautiful and delicious Krumkake (check out the post if you want to learn to make krumkake!). And then Nancy pointed out to me that they’re called Korknisse and there’s a pattern for them on Ravelry by Manne!


Happy Christmas crafting! :D







2 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Well, these are all very awesome finds, but the korknisse take the cake, ha! I’ve been making one after another; they’re so cute, I can’t stop! Knew you couldn’t resist, either :-). 

    Oh! I crocheted a Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, speaking of an “awesome find” from the past!

  2. the korknisse are so cute!! and marcel!! so awesome! i keep wanting to crochet a marcel, but then there are so many other things on my to-make list!

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