levitating into the holidays

winter levitate

It’s harder to take levitating photos these days now that it’s so cold out. It’s not so big a problem for the person jumping because jumping repetitively helps one keep warm, but it’s probably torturous for the person taking photos, to be standing still, hands exposed in the freezing air, taking shot after shot. Fortunately for us it was warming up a bit last week, and the snow makes for a nice picture. This picture only took five jumps or so.

Have a happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “levitating into the holidays

  1. I wish i levitating with you wonder if older ones do it reminds me no ofense now when i watch movies from Japan korea even China wheisn there saving the love of there lives i love the history romantic ones oops thanx happy many years sorry just got swayed away with your levitating renee

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