owls from far away

Got a wonderful surprise in the mail last week from my friend Nancy — owls! :D

Photo 2014-06-21, 10 41 18 AM

This beautiful ceramic owl charm. We’ve been going on adventures together for the past few days and it makes me so happy :D

And this fun owl puzzle! He’s now settled happily on my desk (please excuse the unsightly dust. It’s since been dusted. Yikes.)

Photo 2014-06-21, 3 25 19 PM

And this lovely sunshiny dish cloth!

Photo 2014-06-22, 9 36 57 AM


So grateful for your generosity, thoughtfulness and friendship, Nancy!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



2 thoughts on “owls from far away

  1. Good to see the owls have settled in nicely in their new home. And looking at that washcloth makes me want to knit more! Have a good weekend coming up, Trish.

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