this week’s awesome finds

Weaving is so much fun. Woven necklace from Say Yes.

These are stylish. Perler bead bangles, from DIY Candy.

On the to-make list. Crochet tunic from Lion Brand Yarn.

Also from Lion Brand Yarn, perfect crochet piece for fall.

Grow your own crystal necklace — how neat is this? Now I just have to figure out where to buy alum salt… From The Cwafty Blog.

This requires a proper pom pom maker, but it will be worth it. Mushroom pom pom from Small Good Things.

Love the Nyan Cat scarf patterns but thought it would be a bit much to actually wear them… but a bookmark! Everyone can use a bookmark. From Cute & Kaboodle.

The Purl Bee always has boxy blouse patterns that I love.

Love that this is made of stars. Crochet Cowl from Moogly.

Made from a pillowcase! From Lil’ Bit & Nan.

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. You should be able to find alum in the baking aisle/spice aisle of the grocery store. I think it’s used in pickling things. I made alum crystals as a science fair project in grade school. You’ll like it. It’s kinda fun!

  2. ooooh! thanks for the info Amy! this will help me look for it :D i’ve never seen them before, but then i’ve never specifically looked…

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