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Do you say possum or opossum?

The ‘O’ is silent, I think,” suggests Mike.

Or we can say, “possum, o‑possum” all poetic-like. Which reminds me of the wonderful voice-acting of William Shatner in Over the Hedge as Ozzie the possum, especially in the “Rosebud” scene.

Here’s the 10th (!!) pattern of our 12 Days of Woodland Creatures project! A possum!

I used:

Worsted weight yarn in white, grey and pink

3.5 mm hook

2 small beads for eyes

Needle and thread for sewing and embroidering



Round 1: With white, 4 sc in magic ring, join in first sc.

Round 2: ch 1, *2 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next sc*, repeat from * to * around, join in first sc.

Round 3–4: repeat round 2.

Round 5–6: ch 1, 1 sc in each sc around, join in first sc.

Round 7 (ears):

Change to grey, fasten off white, press head flat so that the working loop on the hook is on the right top corner of head. So there would be 1 stitch at each corner of head, and 6 stitches in between on both sides (14 stitches around altogether). Crochet through both layers of head.

ch 2, hdc in next sc through both layers, ch 2, sl st in same st as the hdc, sc in next sc, skip next sc, 3 sc in the stitch directly below next sc (in the row below), sc in next sc, sl st in next sc, ch 2, hdc in last sc, ch 2, sl st in last sc, fasten off, weave in ends.


Round 1: With grey, 6 sc in magic ring, do not join.

Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around, do not join (12 sc).

Continue making 1 sc in each sc around until piece is 1″ tall.

Next row: *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc tog over next 2 sc*, repeat from * to * 3 more times.

1 sc in each sc around until piece is 1.75″ tall. Fasten off, leave tail for sewing.


With pink, ch 12, sl st in second ch from hook, sl st in each ch to end, fasten off, leave tail for sewing.


Embroider nose with pink yarn. Sew on eyes. *Tip: insert sewing/embroidering needles from the lower (or chin) part in the back of the head and tie off threads/yarn there, because it will be covered by the neck part of the body when it’s attached to the head.

Attach body to lower part of the head on the back of the head.

Attach tail to lower bottom of body.


Possum is wishing everyone a very happy week! :D




12 thoughts on “possum opossum

  1. I’m trying to make this adorable opossum! The directions for the head seem to result in a perfect circle, vs. the triangular shape it should be. The pattern works in rounds, not rows, and there is no mention of turning anywhere in the head portion.

    Starting with a magic ring, then increasing for 3 rows by alternating two sc then one sc makes a circle increasing in size, then finishing with rows of sc.

    Is there an edit? Or am I misunderstanding the directions?


  2. Hello Lisa, so sorry about the delay in reply. The pattern (repeating 1 sc in next sc and 2 sc in next sc) will result in a cone shape, which, when finished and folded in half, will result in a triangular shape :) The last row of sc is made after the cone is folded in half and crocheting into both layers of the cone shape. 

    Increases are made differently when crocheting a perfect circle. For reference, a circle is made by starting with however many sc in a magic ring, then the next round is 2 sc in each sc, the 3rd round is repeating 1 sc in next sc and 2 sc in next sc, and the fourth round is repeating 1 sc in next 2 sc and 2 sc in next sc… and so on. 

    Hope this helps! Happy crocheting!

  3. He’s adorable! I love possums and it’s so nice to find one that isn’t being shown in a negative light. So much possum hate out there! When I was a kid we raised some possum babies that survived the car accident that killed their mom, and possums have been special to me ever since. I still remember what it is like to have a baby possum hanging from my finger with its tail! So anyway, thanks :) I’m going to have to make some to play with with my four year old.

  4. it’s so awesome that you raised the possums after the accident! i’m glad the pattern brings back fond memories :) happy crocheting!

  5. Hello, thank you for sharing this adorable pattern! I’m only getting 12 stitches around on the head (before switching to grey yarn) instead of the 14 in the pattern. Each time I count and follow the directions I come up with 12 total, can you advise me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!! :)

  6. hi Laurie, it’s hard to tell why you’re only getting 12 stitches around without seeing the piece you’re working on. But if you’re finding that you’re missing 2 stitches consistently, in the 6th round you can just add two stitches evenly somewhere in the round, regardless of what the pattern says, so you arrive at round 7 with 14 stitches. I don’t think it will change the overall shape very much. hope this helps, happy crocheting!

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