tiny donut party (a giveaway!)

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Guess what? It’s the gen­uine mud­pie blog’s 5th anniver­sary! :D

Can’t believe I’ve been writ­ing and doing crafts on this blog for 5 years already. I’ve def­i­nite­ly slowed down a lit­tle with the blog­ging (but not with the craft­ing!), espe­cial­ly recent­ly, because of school and work. But I’ve always found it so com­fort­ing to return to this space and share what brings me joy. Thank you so much for sup­port­ing gen­uine mud­pie by vis­it­ing, leav­ing com­ments and jour­ney­ing with me on var­i­ous crafty adven­tures! :D

So! To cel­e­brate, I’m doing a give­away of tiny donuts! Sim­ply leave a com­ment on this post by next Fri­day April 8th, and I will ran­dom­ly draw a name from the com­ments. I will announce the win­ner here on Sat­ur­day April 9th. The win­ner can choose any 3 of the donuts shown here. I will attach a safe­ty pin to the back of each donut — so you can wear one proud­ly and share the rest with your friends (or not :P). And yes, I ship worldwide :)

Each donut is a lit­tle shy of 1″ across.

Photo 2015-04-04, 12 01 01 PM

And here are some of the flavours :D We have clas­sic pink frosting…

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 49 01 AM

Car­rot cake!

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 49 58 AM

Mint choco­late.

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 57 33 AM

Spe­cial spark­ly lavender.

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 52 33 AM


And more :)

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 59 12 AM


They’re actu­al­ly a lot of fun to make and very quick too, so I will also be shar­ing the pat­tern next Sat­ur­day so every­one can make them :) But if you’d like the chance of receiv­ing cheer­ful tiny donut pins in the mail, please leave a com­ment below! :D

Hap­py Saturday!


52 thoughts on “tiny donut party (a giveaway!)

  1. These look delec­table and good enough to eat! Thanks for the chance to win and con­grat­u­la­tions on your 5th anniversary!

  2. EEEEH! I would very much like to win some of these adorable donuts! Also, I was just in Toron­to today to see the place I’ll be in for the sum­mer and dis­cov­ered Jel­ly Mod­ern Dough­nuts — have you ever been?

  3. Also, con­grats on the anniver­sary! Good to hear you’re still craft­ing, and I still look for­ward to your posts even if they have been less frequent (:

  4. Hi Trish,

    They’re real­ly sweet — imag­ine all that sweet­ness and no cav­i­ties to blame on them. I’m cro­chet­ing a lamb right now from a very old pat­tern. Its Amer­i­can price is marked 75c and it has instruc­tions to make 6 ani­mals, but 2 are real­ly ugly. I got it in 1977 and love it so much I saved it for all those years with­out ever using it because I had 5 sons and a daugh­ter to raise. Well my daugh­ter just had her 35th birth­day and I have 5 grand­chil­dren so I felt it was high time I made the sweet lit­tle ani­mals on the pat­tern. The lamb I felt was appro­pri­ate as a gift for my grown up daugh­ter as she was born on East­er day and I always called her son Liam, Lam­by until recent­ly when he turned 16. 

    Trish,I’m amazed you can work so nice­ly on such tiny objects. I found the small­est parts of the lamb the hard­est and it is way big­ger than the things you do. I’m bet­ter at knit­ting than cro­chet and recent­ly made 3 dolls with out­fits and a dog. 

    Your cro­chet donuts are some­thing my lit­tle grand­daugh­ter, Lila would so love she is always play­ing pre­tend with her doll house and lego sets. Thanks for the inspi­ra­tion on your blog and con­grat­u­lati­tons on your 5th anniver­sary. I did­n’t keep up my blog that I start­ed in 2007 but I have been upload­ing to my flickr pages for about 10 years now and have over 9,000 pho­tos on there. That’s why I’m not so good at the hand work as I spend so much time on pho­tog­ra­phy. bye for now Ruth aka Shutterbuglette

  5. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your 5th anniver­sary, Trish! Your tiny donuts are perfect!

  6. Con­grat­u­la­tions Trish on your 5th anniver­sary! Love the tiny donuts as my broth­er is the younger dad in the Tim Hor­ton’s hock­ey rink com­mer­cial that was shown at our win­ter Olympics in Van­cou­ver BC.

  7. Hi Trish!

    Hap­py Anniversary!

    I’m fair­ly new to your blog but I’m always check­ing in for the lat­est news / crafts. These donuts are sim­ply adorable and although I would love to win some, I’m equal­ly look­ing for­ward to you post­ing the pat­tern so I can sur­prise my 8yr old daugh­ter with her own set. She is a mas­sive fan of all things tiny and cute!!! 

    Here’s to many more years of Gen­uine Mud­pie. Xx

  8. They’re adorable and much small­er than the huge Homer Simp­son donuts I’ve made.

  9. These are sim­ply adorable! The nick­name of my daugh­ter is Donut! So tiny the knit­ting .. WOW! Thank you for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win such a tiny but big craft!! Hap­py Mon­day to you!

  10. Hap­py 5th Blo­giver­sary! Thank you Trish for shar­ing so many adorable projects and thought­ful posts! I for­ward your posts to my teen daugh­ter as well.

  11. Trish,

    Those are so cute! Anoth­er addi­tion to the tiny con­fec­tion col­lec­tion!! I have been mak­ing your tiny rain­bow cake slices for my stu­den­t’s birth­days, these will be fun to make too! I would love to have a Gen­uine Mud­pie orig­i­nal though!!

  12. Hel­lo from Paris =)
    As a donut addict (like Homer Simp­son!!) I am super hap­py to leave you a com­ment to play.
    I love your blog and as I am a cro­chet begin­ner, I am real­ly impressed by your love­ly creations.
    So many thanks for sharing.
    (PS: The white one is my fave, it will be amaz­ing as a necklace)

  13. Trish,

    I love your lit­tle cro­cheted good­ies — I even made some of the lit­tle rain­bow cakes for my youth group stu­dents’ birth­days! Would love to have a Gen­uine Mud­pie orig­i­nal — look­ing for­ward to mak­ing some of these from the pat­tern this week­end — they would make such a cute bracelet or keychain!!

  14. I came look­ing for the tiny pineap­ple ear­rings and found this gor­geous tiny don’t give­away instead, how cute!

  15. Con­grat­u­la­tions on your 5th blo­gaver­sary! Thanks for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to win such adorably tiny donuts!!! Good luck all!

  16. Love your blog! The donuts are dar­ling, hap­py 5th blo­gaver­sary! Hope you have many more.

  17. thank you so much for vis­it­ing my blog Natal­ie! i haven’t been to jel­ly mod­ern dough­nuts — now i have to go check it out! have a great sum­mer in TO! :D

  18. thanks so much, Ruth! the cro­cheted lamb sounds like a won­der­ful­ly per­fect gift for your daugh­ter! i love tiny cro­chet because it uses so lit­tle yarn and it’s usu­al­ly very quick :D i’m slow­ing down on my blog too but post pho­tos fre­quent­ly on insta­gram! per­haps i should write a blog post about that… hap­py crafting!

  19. thanks Vic­ki! for a while i was think­ing about mak­ing a huge donut pil­low for my couch too, it would just take much longer than the tiny ones, maybe one day! :D

  20. thank you Jen! it’s so thought­ful of you to make cake slices for your stu­dents! i hope they like donuts too :D

  21. Thanks so much Edith! (I would love to vis­it Paris one day!) I’m glad you enjoy my blog posts! Mak­ing it into a neck­lace is a love­ly idea!

  22. Thanks so much Jen! Bracelet and key­chain would be cute. They also make great ear­rings because they’re so light!

  23. Thank you for the chance to win those adorable pieces of con­fec­tion for my very own. Very thought­ful of you!

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