find me on instagram! :D


Did you know that genuine mudpie is on Instagram? :D

Lately I’m finding myself posting more work-in-progress and other photos (like this one here from my outing to the Toronto Botanical Garden) on Instagram. I’ve talked about how I’ve been posting a bit less on this blog because of lack of time. Instagram is really a much quicker way of sharing. Pictures that I would post here a couple years ago (like experiments with smoothies and short rows, or almost-weekly origami challenge with my niece and nephews), I now post on Instagram.

But I also want to say that Instagram posts will not replace this blog. I can’t see myself posting a pattern on Instagram, for example. I also know that not everyone has Instagram, so noticing my increased Instagram activity and decreased blog activity is also motivating me to work on posting here more regularly.

(If only Instagram and WordPress will sync! *shakes fist*)

But if you are on Instagram please come by to say hello! :D

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “find me on instagram! :D

  1. Is instagram just for pictures? I must admit I follow you so that I can read about your adventures and collect your patterns. That’s probably easier to do from a blog. However you post, have fun with it!

  2. thanks Pam! instagram is mostly for pictures, but i’ve seen patterns and recipes and stories posted with the pictures too… makes for very long captions.

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