needle testing fun

The friendly folks at Yarn Canada sent me a Denise2Go knitting set to review :D


So very generous of them! Clearly I was very excited, and started a couple of projects to try it out :D

The knitting kit that I chose comes with 4 pairs of needles (6.5mm-10mm) and 3 cords of different lengths (14″, 16″, 19″), and they’re interchangeable! It also comes with a 6.5mm crochet hook (handy to have in a knitting kit for weaving in ends, picking up stitches, adding crochet details, or taking up crocheting if one doesn’t already crochet…), 2 end buttons and a connector (I’ll show you what they do in a bit).

The cord locks into the end of the needle with a half turn and a click. And we’re ready to knit!




I’m super excited about the cords. Since I usually avoid projects that work in the round, I don’t have a lot of circular needles, but I do need them for knitting collars (even though I try to avoid knitting those in the round as well), and for large projects. This is where the connector is very useful.


I could link two cords together to make a super long cord! Initially I had just connected the cords for a photo, but as my knitting grew I realized that without the cord connector I wouldn’t have been able to continue :S (I’ve never knitted anything this large before).


The plastic is kind of stiff when it’s new, and it’s a tiny piece, so I found it a bit hard to to grip and turn some pieces in place, but wide elastic bands (from buying broccoli :D) saved the day.


I also wondered about the cords becoming disconnected in the middle of knitting. So far it’s been fine, everything seemed secure. The cord only came off the connector once when I accidentally turned it while pushing the stitches forward.

And the end buttons! They can turn circular needles into “straight” needles.


All in all I do prefer actual straight needles, because I can rest them on my forearms as I knit, and I find that easier on my wrists. But have you seen my bin of needles? I will spare you the headache and won’t show you, but it’s a giant mess! The good thing about this kit is that it wraps up in a neat bundle, and it’s organized and small and easy to store. And the case is handmade! Maybe I should look into making cases for all my other needles…


Yarn Canada also carries a crochet kit and a knitting kit with smaller needles, you can find them here :) They also carry a wide variety of yarn, with free shipping options. I’ve never bought yarn online before, but might give this a try if I already know the look and feel of the yarn I want.

And now I’m off to the yarn shop! :D Happy Wednesday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “needle testing fun

  1. I have a double set of Denise’s crochet hooks that I use for Tunisian and/or double ended crochet. They’re wonderful! I had one connector that had a minor defect and would come undone occasionally. They sent me two replacements for free! 

    I managed to talk my crochet cohort into getting a set for herself because she does a lot of Tunisian crochet. She was adamant about using these bamboo ones she liked, but complained about because there weren’t a lot of cable options. Plus she didn’t want plastic. I lent her mine and she became a total convert! She got herself a set shortly thereafter! They’re fabulous!

  2. these really are fabulous, it’s a great investment! i love the smooth connection and the stitches don’t get caught between the needle and the cable, which sometimes happens with really inexpensive circular needles (i learned it the hard way, had to cut the cable to rescue the yarn! :S). oooh, what is double ended crochet?

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