this week’s awesome finds

Super cool pom pom solar sys­tem. Tuto­r­i­al shows you how to make all the plan­ets, includ­ing the ring around Sat­urn and the red spot in Jupiter :D From We Are Scout.

Sim­ple and sweet place card hold­er with an origa­mi star. From here.

Tuto­r­i­al to make your own (live and grow­ing!) Hob­bit gar­den. From Enva­to Tuts+.

Seashell can­dles, made with a cou­ple of tealights. From DIY Louisville.

Not some­thing I have the skills to make, but so pret­ty, and the pat­terns are free, from Knit Picks.

Take framed wall-hang­ing pho­tos one step fur­ther — make pop up pho­tos! From Pho­to­jo­jo.

Have a great week, every­one! :D

2 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. ooooh that hob­bit garden…and those seashell can­dles! I feel like we did some­thing sim­i­lar with oys­ter shells before, just not the tak­ing out the met­al tealight hold­er part

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