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Recent­ly bought a new cro­chet book, Learn to Cro­chet Love to Cro­chet. I loved the sim­ple style of the pat­terns so much I just had to buy it. In the book there is this love­ly fan lace cardi­gan that I espe­cial­ly want­ed to make. It seems to go well with every­thing, and of course one can nev­er have too many cardi­gans. Espe­cial­ly cardi­gans with pock­ets. So handy. Yup. Must make the cardigan.

But I felt bad about buy­ing more yarn when I’ve already got so much of it. Par­tic­u­lar­ly, I have been want­i­ng to use the skein of wool I bought from Lis­more Sheep Farm when we were in Hal­i­fax. It’s a real­ly love­ly dark green mixed with specks of grey and red. I also have a skein of Cas­cade Eco Wool in green/teal that’s been sit­ting on the shelf for months wait­ing to be made into some­thing. Prob­lem is, I’ve only got 200 yards of the Lis­more wool and about 450 yards of the Cas­cade wool. Nei­ther is enough to make the fan lace cardigan.

So I thought I’d use both :D

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The colours end­ed up going quite well togeth­er, I thought. They remind me of algae and the sea. I did have to make the cardi­gan a bit short­er because even with both skeins com­bined I did­n’t have enough yarn (good thing I’m short). I used every last bit of the Lis­more yarn. I was able to add a row of sin­gle cro­chet to the bot­tom edge of the cardi­gan, sleeve cuffs and top edge of the pock­ets, with enough left for sewing. Also mod­i­fied the front trims a bit (3 rows of sc), so they’re nar­row­er than what the pat­tern instructed.

For the but­tons, I found enough but­tons of the same size in my col­lec­tion that also remind me of the sea­side. It’s hard to show you with my phone pho­tos, but one reminds me of the full moon, one is iri­des­cent like the inside of an oys­ter shell, oth­ers are colours of drift­wood and seashells.

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I don’t have enough space in our apart­ment to block the cardi­gan, so I gen­tly pressed it with an iron under a wet tow­el to open up and straight­en the lace pat­tern a bit.

I think it turned out quite well! I’m glad I used the yarn for this project, to com­mem­o­rate the trip we took to the far­away province that I so love and will be sure to vis­it again one day.

Have a won­der­ful week­end, friends! :D


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  1. Your lit­tle car­di is gorgeous…the colours do well together…and it looks so love­ly on you.

  2. Ce cardi­gan est très beau, le joli point de den­telle, la forme, la couleur. Il vous va à la per­fec­tion. Vous avez des doigts d’or !

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