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Another reason to love and support the public library <3

I got this 3‑D printed at the Toronto Reference Library! :D If you live in Toronto, the 3D printers are also available at the Fort York branch and the Scarborough Civic Centre branch.

Back in February I was feeling really blah and stressed out at work. So I decided to sign up for a course that has absolutely nothing to do with my job, which was the 3D printing certificate class at the library. Once people complete the class, they can book the 3D printers to use whenever they’re available. They charge a very reasonable 5 cents per minute for the use of the printer, and that was all. One can choose from many colours of plastic, and staff is there to help if anyone needs technical support.

I once saw someone wearing a 3D printed bracelet and I was really impressed, so I’ve always wanted to make one. But of course I have not idea how to design one! So I downloaded one I liked best from Thingiverse, called the Subdivision Bracelet.

I must be honest that, after 3 months, I don’t remember much from the certificate course so I had no clue what to do after downloading the file. Kind of embarrassing. Good thing Mike was there as well and he’s very techy. And the library staff were very cool with dropping us hints and reminders as we appeared to be cluelessly flipping through our notes trying to figure out what the next steps are and all the settings we should be adjusting.

Our first try didn’t go so well. For some unknown reason the printer stopped working properly. Not only did the kind library staff not charge me for the failed piece, they offered to try printing another for me the next morning on a different machine, and I’d just have to go and pick it up!

I think the staff were also wanting to take the opportunity to test out an intricate project on a new machine, but I thought they were super kind to offer!

And it worked! It took just over 2 hours to print and costs about $8. Here’s a different side of it.

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I understand the 3D printer as kind of like a very precise automated glue gun, which squeezes out thin lines of hot melted glue to build a form. You can see the lines of glue pretty clearly in the picture above, and under the super macro lens.

Photo 2016-05-06, 11 58 20 AM

And this is how it looks on an arm :)

Photo 2016-05-06, 11 34 40 AM

The surfaces are less smooth than I imagined, I think it can be improved by sanding, but I think I might be too lazy to do that :S I’m OK with the way it is.

I’m thinking of going back to make some Christmas gifts this year :D

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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  1. I am so blown away by all this technology…good on you for doing the course and for making the bracelet…I am so impressed…also by the fact that it did not cost that much to do the project.

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