summer wanderings — doors open

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 25 12 PM

It was Doors Open Toron­to at the end of May. We try to vis­it one or two build­ing every year. This year we decid­ed to take the long trek to Fool’s Par­adise, the for­mer home of Cana­di­an artist Doris McCarthy, who lived to be 100, and donat­ed her home to be an artist-in-res­i­dence cen­tre after her passing.

Her home was the first one built on this stretch of the road. She designed and draft­ed the blue­print for the house.

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 12 11 PM

As soon as we entered the front door we were greet­ed by this rug, made by McCarthy.

Photo 2016-05-28, 11 52 25 AM

Paper owl guard­ing her desk and all her tools still. “Like she nev­er left,” said the tour guide.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 02 10 PM

“The Chap­ter Room”, which she built to write her mem­oir. It is the cozi­est room I’ve ever found myself in.

Photo 2016-05-28, 11 59 26 AM

Per­haps a sun­ny read­ing nook.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 11 40 PM

Her beau­ti­ful chan­de­lier and her beau­ti­ful arc­tic landscape.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 09 28 PM (1)

The tour guide told us that McCarthy built all the cup­boards in the kitchen by mak­ing card­board mock-ups.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 06 43 PM

Neigh­bour­hood chil­dren used to skate on this pond in the winter.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 29 35 PM

And at the edge of the back­yard is the cliff of Scar­bor­ough Bluffs.

Photo 2016-05-28, 12 21 11 PM

There were vis­i­tors picnicking…

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 05 03 PM

And paint­ing :)

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 08 34 PM

After our own pic­nic we explored a near­by park. The dan­de­lions were like glow­ing orbs lin­ing the path.

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 40 19 PM

Look­ing down from the cliff. The water was so blue.

Photo 2016-05-28, 1 33 10 PM

Next time we’ll vis­it the bluffs from below the cliffs so we can see the lay­ers of sediments!

Hope every­one is hav­ing a good weekend!


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  1. You are an explor­er of the places peo­ple live their lives…such an inter­est­ing loca­tion, FOOL’S PARADISE, home of Doris McCarthy, whom I will google…thank you…

  2. What an inter­est­ing tour you’ve shown us; thanks for shar­ing! I love the col­ors in that last photo!
    Kate :}

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