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I have such oddly shaped feet, it’s quite difficult to buy shoes that are comfortable. Shoe-shopping is always a time-consuming ordeal. So I thought, maybe I’d crochet my own shoes! That way I could make them custom fit and comfortable!

I have no idea how to make shoes, but I thought for sure there’d be patterns on Etsy, so I looked, and came across a pattern by Wildflower and Sage. I love that it includes instruction for making the shoes outdoors ready. There actually aren’t very many like this one out there.

Was very excited, went out and bought all the materials right after I downloaded the pattern :D I couldn’t find hemp (which is what the pattern called for) at the local Michaels and Home Depot, so I bought #48 jute, and started on the soles…

Photo 2016-06-25, 4 59 25 PM

Jute is actually kind of hard to crochet with, and I had to use a larger hook than called for. No wonder the pattern called for hemp. Oh well. I just took lots of breaks in between so my wrists don’t get too sore.

So finally I finished making the two soles. If I make them again I probably will follow the pattern for regular width rather than instruction for wide, since I had to use a larger hook. I think wide was too wide. But it’s still ok! There I am waterproofing the soles by lathering them in silicon caulk. The fume was stronger than I thought. Ventilation is imperative.

Photo 2016-06-26, 11 57 13 AM

Slowly working on the straps, trying them on as I go so the strap placements feel right :D I made the insoles with Bernat Maker Home Decor, which feels kind of like a t‑shirt yarn.

Photo 2016-06-26, 8 03 54 PM

And here they’re, finished :D

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 31 21 PM

They’re actually really quite comfortable! I think I made the straps on the right shoe too tight though, they keep pushing my foot forward out of the sandals. But maybe as I keep wearing them and the straps stretch the problem will correct itself.

Side view…

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 32 08 PM

I’m quite happy with them! Will find an opportunity to test them out outside sometimes!

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 34 22 PM

It’s really an excellent pattern, highly recommend it! :D

Hope everyone have a happy rest of the week!



8 thoughts on “hey jute

  1. I’m so glad they worked out for you!
    I have found hemp to be much easier to work with than the jute but harder to find. It is used in jewelery making so I’ve found it at the hobby store in the jewelery section. I’ve also found it on amazon. Thanks so much for trying out my pattern and featuring it on your blog!

  2. WOW! you constantly amaze me with your creativity. Although I really like what you have done, I will stick to my KEENS which have good support for high-arched feet.

  3. thanks Patricia! i love keens as well! have been wearing keens sneakers for almost a decade now, wouldn’t go for any other brand :D

  4. Ces sandales sont originales et très jolies. En plus, elles semblent bien confortables. Je vous souhaite de pouvoir les porter tout l’été. Ici en France, sauf dans le sud du pays, il pleut presque tous les jours depuis plusieurs mois alors il vaut mieux se chausser avec.…des bottes en caoutchouc!!

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