wip monday

About a week ago I finished the body of the Enchanted Mesa sweater! 

And I’ve been working on the sleeves since. I decided to knit them flat, because while I was trying to find a tutorial about picking up stitches for sleeves and using the magic loop at the same time, I read on a blog that knitting small circumference while dragging the entire sweater around and around is a pain. And the time it takes to fiddle with the stitches with a magic loop would probably be the same as seaming the sleeves later. I can totally imagine that. 

The one sleeve has different colour stripes, the other has garter ridges. I’m currently working on the last couple of inches of the second sleeves! :D

Have a happy week!


2 thoughts on “wip monday

  1. J’admire votre travail! Le résultat sera, j’en suis sûre très joli. En revanche, je n’arrive pas à comprendre comment ce pull est construit!! Cela préserve une part de mystère!

  2. thank you Claudine! i found that the sweater looks more complicated than it actually is. it’s mainly a series of short rows :D it was fun to make!

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