central park florals by diana

Film from NYC devel­oped :D

The best ones were from Cen­tral Park. I also have had to find a dif­fer­ent pho­to devel­op­ing place this time because the trusty ser­vice at Shop­pers Drug Mart has closed down :’( This new place charges 5 times the price of Shop­pers, but the images did turn out much more vibrant. I guess I’ll have to use film more spar­ing­ly from now on, it’s real­ly becom­ing more and more expensive. 

Any­way, here are the Cen­tral Park flo­rals :D

I also loved the weath­ered wood rail­ings all over the park. 

Not sure why I haven’t learned this over the past few years I’ve been using the Diana Mini, but final­ly real­ized that it is best for cap­tur­ing more inti­mate moments rather than land­scapes in the distance.

Land­scapes just turn out super fuzzy most of the time and so lack focus. I do like this one with the boats though.

And this one with the light leaks around lady Lib­er­ty. And some street scenes.


Wish­ing you a great week­end with new adven­tures, big or small :)

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