happy september!

I found this amazing t‑rex applique pattern, and decided to make a granny square with it to participate in Granny Square Day on Instagram back in August :D Haven’t heard about Granny Square Day? Check out this picture of different virtual blankets! (and spy my dino square! :D)

I love this t‑rex pattern so much, I made another one to put on a shirt (Mike kindly donated an old t‑shirt) :D 

Just in time for our trip to the land of the dinosaurs! :D 

Also found this tutorial for a self-watering system for the plants while we’re away.

I started a few days before our trip to test out the idea. It definitely works, even flooded one of my small aloes. I used cotton yarn, and I found that some strands of yarn carry water and others don’t, even though they’re from the same skein… Not quite sure why, I just kept replacing the ones that don’t work. Hopefully our plants will still be happy when we come home!

Stay tuned for pictures of dinosaurs! :D Happy September!