this week’s awesome finds


Oh my good­ness this giant pom pom rab­bit!!! *squeal* the cot­ton­tail! The pink nose and whiskers! *squeal* Tuto­ri­al on ikat­bag. (make a fluffle!!)

A shawlet­te, by the same design­er who cre­at­ed the pat­tern I used to make those triv­ets! I like cowls bet­ter than scarves but have real­ly come to admire the drape and shape of tri­an­gu­lar shawlettes. Free pat­tern from Lil­la Bjorn’s Cro­chet World.

A nice spring/summer make by Drops Design and look­ing for­ward to warmer weath­er…

A cozy, sim­ple, per­fect­ly squishy, cloud-like cowl. From Espace Tri­cot.

Bob­ble sheep! Espe­cial­ly love that bub­ble gum pink :D Free Rav­el­ry down­load by Just Add Cro­chet.

And a big­ger, more hug-able ver­sion of the bob­ble sheep :) Knit­ted pil­low pat­tern by Purl Soho.

All made of yarn this week! :D Hap­py craft­ing!

this week’s awesome finds

Sweet­est sug­ar cook­ie pin, just in time for valentine’s :) By Twinkie Chan at Michaels.

Love this squir­re­ly sweater. Free pat­tern from Berro­co.

Didn’t real­ize that Per­ler beads make such beau­ti­ful snowflakes! From Heodeza.

I will make use of my many rolls of washi tape that Mike got me one Christ­mas :D From Make and Takes.

A friend of mine wrote up a tuto­ri­al for this beau­ti­ful bag! :D Recy­cling old jeans and a great way to show off a nice piece of fab­ric. From Earth Indigo.

This faux amethyst geo­de is very intrigu­ing. From Craft­ber­ry Bush.

And final­ly, the­se beau­ti­ful, mag­nif­i­cent knit­ted moths by Max’s World. The Luna Moth is my favourite. Please click on the image to scroll through all the dif­fer­ent kinds — it will be a treat, I promise!

Wish­ing you a won­der­ful Sun­day and a great start to the week!

this week’s awesome finds

Super cool pom pom solar sys­tem. Tuto­ri­al shows you how to make all the plan­ets, includ­ing the ring around Sat­urn and the red spot in Jupiter :D From We Are Scout.

Sim­ple and sweet place card hold­er with an origami star. From here.

Tuto­ri­al to make your own (live and grow­ing!) Hob­bit gar­den. From Enva­to Tuts+.

Seashell can­dles, made with a cou­ple of tealights. From DIY Louisville.

Not some­thing I have the skills to make, but so pret­ty, and the pat­terns are free, from Knit Picks.

Take framed wall-hang­ing pho­tos one step fur­ther — make pop up pho­tos! From Pho­to­jo­jo.

Have a great week, every­one! :D

this week’s awesome finds

What to make with just a few days before Christ­mas?


Make a snowy forest globe (or a vil­lage of globes!), with dol­lar store sup­plies! From Ruf­fles and Stuff.

Knit a cou­ple of leafy wash­cloths! (also dou­ble as pot hold­ers!) From Rav­el­ry design­er Megan Goodacre.

Knit a chunky slouchy cozy hip­ster hat! From Lit­tle Things Blogged.

Cro­chet a super cute fes­tive mouse orna­ment! From Lucy Raven­scar.

Knit a super soft scarf with fluffy chunky yarn :) From Lion Brand Yarn.

Make some My Neigh­bour Totoro char­ac­ters out of toi­let paper rolls, to put on the tree! :D From San­dra Brun­dell. (Post is in Swedish, but the craft is pret­ty self-explana­to­ry :D)

Knit a quick and easy cat hat! From Lion Brand Yarn blog.

Hap­py craft­ing! May the fes­tiv­i­ties fill your week with joy :)

this week’s awesome finds!

Fea­tur­ing quick gifts to make! :D

This cute pret­zel pil­low! From Stu­dio DIY.

Super fun pom­pom key rings, free how-to from Wool and the Gang! (email sign up required to down­load instruc­tions)

Also from Wool and the Gang, an adorable pen­guin embroi­dery pat­tern to cus­tomize your Christ­mas sweater! One can prob­a­bly use it as a chart to knit the sweater itself. Might even work for cro­chet!

The­se mit­tens from Purl Soho are just beau­ti­ful. They’re knit­ted flat too (for the most part), so they’re on my to-make list :)

Tiny amigu­ru­mi using corks! My favourite is the Christ­mas tree. The elves are also ridicu­lous­ly cute. Vis­it Moji-Moji Design to see all of them! :D

I like the con­trast of the lace pat­tern and the dense dc stitch­es. From Moo­gly.

Need a nice gift top­per or table dec­o­ra­tions? The­se chrysan­the­mum are gor­geous and pret­ty easy to make. From Oh Hap­py Day.

Need a big­ger gift top­per? The­se are made from paper plates! Aren’t they amaz­ing? Can also dou­ble as wall-hang­ing! From Muslin & Mer­lot.

I think this is a bril­liant­ly sim­ple way to show off nice stones and agates, I would just be a slight bit ner­vous about the stones falling off the bail, as they’re just held by glue… But I’ve actu­al­ly done the same with a small piece of amber, and it’s nev­er fal­l­en off, so I guess as long as one is using the right glue, this makes a nice quick gift! From Fall for DIY.

Can’t go wrong with a sim­ple, cozy hat in neu­tral colours that will go with every­thing :) From Mama in a Stitch.

Can’t wait to show you all the things I’ve been mak­ing — in a few weeks, after I’ve given the gifts away :) Hap­py hol­i­day craft­ing! :D

this week’s awesome finds

Super cute lined paper pullover, I want one! From Knit Picks.

Often won­der how one would knit such thick wool… here’s a tuto­ri­al from Lebenslustiger.

Love this sil­ly-look­ing rat­tler. From Lanukas (Eng­lish trans­la­tion of the pat­tern at the end of post).

Got a new grey sock? You can make your very own Pusheen plush! :D From My Pastel Cafe.

Awe­some night owls (or owl night lights) from BruDiy.

Just dis­cov­ered on Pin­ter­est! A free Wool and the Gang pat­tern! :D :D :D I’m a big fan of the sweater pat­terns by WATG, but almost all of their pat­terns are sold in kits, which I can’t real­ly afford… so a free sweater pat­tern is very excit­ing! Now I just have to get myself some 12mm and 25mm needles. Sign up and down­load at WATG.

Build your own Love­bot and join the love inva­sion! :D Down­load the free Lego build­ing plan here. Haven’t heard the sto­ry behind Love­bot? Here’s a bit of his­to­ry from his web­site:

The Love Inva­sion began as a Toron­to-based grass­roots ini­tia­tive, fea­tur­ing the deploy­ment of 100 hand-cast con­crete Love­bot sculp­tures. Act­ing as a unique and mean­ing­ful social objects placed in the paths of pedes­tri­ans, each Love­bot sculp­ture was ded­i­cat­ed to a per­son or group that per­formed a pow­er­ful act of kind­ness in their com­mu­ni­ty. The pur­pose: to illu­mi­nate the kind­ness and com­pas­sion in our city and, inspire more.”

You can read more about the Love­bot here :D and see where the Love­bots have been placed and their sto­ries here.

I try to take a pic­ture with one when­ev­er I stum­ble upon one :D

Here’s me with a Love­bot at the Junc­tion Sum­mer Fes­ti­val last year (and an avo­cado pop­si­cle :D)

Photo 2014-06-21, 6 23 05 PM

This is in front of Mabel’s Fable, a mag­i­cal children’s book­store.

Photo 2014-07-14, 3 16 19 PM

This is in front of Thor Espres­so Bar near the water­front.


Keep an eye out for the love­ly robot if you’re in the neigh­bour­hood! Hope every­one has a won­der­ful week!

this week’s awesome finds

One of my favourite car­toons! :D Ham­taro cro­chet pat­tern in both Span­ish and Eng­lish from Mi Pequeno Mundo Rosa.


I love the­se Any­thing Ani­mals by Melis­sa Wast­ney. The ani­mals’ tex­tured sweaters are so love­ly.


Have always loved the wood­en yarn bowls. May­be this can be made in wood colours. From Sev­en Thir­ty Three.


Inge­nious origami cardi­gan, on my to-make list! I don’t think there’s a pat­tern that I don’t like from the Purl Bee.


Excel­lent way to revive a tired old t-shirt, with cats! :D from Tata Couset­te.


I love the way the light shi­nes through the sea glass. Would make a love­ly trav­el sou­venir too, from a sea or lake-side des­ti­na­tion. From Love­ly Greens.


This is the best — a pineap­ple purse! I want to make one for myself and every­one I know :D From Craft Ideas.


Quilt­ing is one craft that I’m not too inter­est­ed in at the moment but I would love to make one of the­se super cute mush­room squares. From Sew Scat­ter­brained.


Have an awe­some week­end, every­one! :D











leucocoprinus birnbaumii

That is the very uncom­mon name of a very com­mon yel­low house­plant mush­room :D

Accord­ing to Wiki, it is also called “flow­er­pot para­sol” or “plant­pot dap­per­ling”. Very pret­ty names. One start­ed grow­ing in our spi­der plant!


When we first spot­ted it it was very tiny, may­be quar­ter of an inch tall.

Then a few days lat­er we noticed the cap com­plete­ly open. It was still tiny, about half an inch tall.


This is a bet­ter pic­ture from Mike.


We took the­se pic­tures at night. The next morn­ing we found the mush­room already wilt­ed :(

Have you had the­se mush­rooms in your plants? Accord­ing to this help­ful site, it does not hurt the house­plants, and it’s not harm­ful they’re eat­en. So may­be not so great when there are young chil­dren and pets.

Which reminds me, may­be some mush­rooms are out already in the park. I should go out for walks some­times and start look­ing :D

Hope you have a hap­py Sun­day and a good week!



I recent­ly received a love­ly email from a friend­ly staff per­son at War­by Park­er invit­ing me to write a post about my sum­mer moments and to pick some of their sun­glass­es to go with them, for their #seesum­mer­bet­ter cam­paign. While I’m not receiv­ing any mate­ri­al or mon­e­tary com­pen­sa­tion for writ­ing this post, except per­haps friend­ly shout-outs from the War­by blog, I’m still feel­ing rather flat­tered that there is inter­est in this blog, espe­cial­ly since Mike just got a pair of glass­es from them and he quite liked them, and had been telling me good things about the com­pa­ny, includ­ing friend­ly and approach­able cus­tomer ser­vice :) Anoth­er thing that attract­ed Mike to shop from them is their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair pro­gram, which doesn’t only cre­ate access to afford­able glass­es, but also oppor­tu­ni­ties for skill-build­ing and employ­ment.

So I was hap­py about writ­ing this post. But there is one prob­lem: I don’t usu­al­ly wear sun­glass­es. It’s kind of a for­eign top­ic to me and I don’t real­ly know what to write about.

Not that I don’t like wear­ing sun­glass­es. I think they’re very impor­tant for eye health. I’m just rather util­i­tar­i­an about it (among many oth­er things). I used to own a pair of sun­glass­es that I bought from the drug store, they go over my reg­u­lar glass­es (as in wear­ing two pairs of glass­es at the same time). But then I got new glass­es that are a lot wider than my old pair and the sun­glass­es can’t fit over them. And I nev­er both­ered to get a pair of pre­scrip­tion sun­glass­es. So I haven’t been wear­ing sun­glass­es for a few years now. Prob­a­bly not good for my eyes, espe­cial­ly in the sum­mer. The invi­ta­tion to write this post might actu­al­ly be a good reminder that I need to get myself a pair of pre­scrip­tion sun­glass­es soon… and may­be I’ll think a bit more about style rather just util­i­tar­i­an this time (sun­glass­es that go over reg­u­lar glass­es aren’t the most styl­ish ever :S).

So I sort of inter­pret­ed the invi­ta­tion to write this post as: if you were to buy a pair of sun­glass­es from our shop, which ones would you con­sid­er?

It’s always fun to win­dow shop :)


Last week I got my hair cut and coloured :D I’m quite hap­py with the vibrant but not too bright colour show­ing from under­neath. I have an affin­i­ty for grey glass­es, so I think the new hair would look great with the­se :D And with a beau­ti­ful name like Luna Fade it’s hard to not like them.


Have I ever shared pic­tures of the cur­tains I final­ly sewed and put up? It’s only tak­en me 8 months! :S For the longest time we had dis­pos­able plas­tic table cloths taped to the win­dow… but now we have the­se sea glass coloured cur­tains! :D And look at the glo­ri­ous blaz­ing sum­mer sun­set shin­ing through.



I like sea glass… or is it seafoam? Any­way, I like the­se, because they’re sea glass coloured… and they are indeed named Beach Glass! :D


And today we had the per­fect sum­mer evening — san­dals, cot­ton-can­dy-colour pants, trip to the library at 8pm in day­light!

Photo 2015-07-23, 8 24 27 PM

Today’s awe­some finds for sum­mer reading/viewing — Mup­pets Most Want­ed, Amigu­ru­mi at Home, and Life After Life :)

And what goes well with cot­ton-can­dy-coloured pants?

I love the­se… and they’re beau­ti­ful­ly named Moon­stone! (As you may notice I’m a suck­er for nice pro­duct names.)

Thanks for win­dow shop­ping with me! :D Hope every­one has a fun and sun-filled week­end!



this week’s awesome finds

Woohoo! Bal­loon ice creams, per­fect pho­to booth prop for sum­mer par­ties :D From my favourite par­ty blog Oh Hap­py Day.


A friend point­ed me to this cute knit­ted snail from Hob­by Craft.


Love­ly gold twig hair pins from Love Mae­gan.


Clev­er, sim­ple and super cute pom pom cac­tus, from Pinch Me Beau­ti­ful.


Hop to Wool and the Gang for this adorable knit­ted bee pat­tern and learn more about sav­ing the bees!


Some­thing very styl­ish about the­se coast­ers. From Lebenslustiger.


A floor pouf! I’ve always liked the idea but didn’t feel like buy­ing a ton of Poly­fil. This one dou­bles as a secret stor­age — how smart! For pil­lows and extra blan­kets and such! From Chaleur Life.


Beau­ti­ful sum­mery tote, by Aunt Peach­es on I Love to Cre­ate.

Have a love­ly week­end, friends!











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