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holiday cheers



Taking in the festive sights and sounds around the city :D

Last week a friend and I made it to the Christmas market at the Distillery, but it was really cold! I think it was -20℃ with windchill. But everything was so pretty and magical. I managed to take a few blurry pictures.

And there was a giant Christmas tree!



This past weekend I went to the City of Craft show. The organizers are the best at festive decorating! I can only imagine how much work (and love) went into cutting out these paper rabbits.



And they make lovely shadows…



All the vendors were amazing, my friend and I were ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every booth. And the wonderful thing about the internet is that you, too, can visit these shops even if you couldn’t come to the show! :D I especially love the absolutely adorable miniature animals by Jenny Wren, I wonder if she would sell the lovely necklaces displayed at the show when her shop reopens, there was this fuzzy squirrel with a mushroom sitting in a tiny bell jar pendant!! And the super cute needle-felted animals by Lesley-Ann Green! Her business card has a really cute and kind-looking fox on the back, I propped it up on my desk and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s going to help me get through all the papers in the winter term I think. 


Hope you have a cheerful day!


this week’s awesome finds

Yup, I’m still here. I don’t think I’ve ever let so many days go by between posts before. But then I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy in my life with school work… It should quiet down a little closer to the holidays, and I will be able to finally finish and show you a project that I’ve been working on since the summer. But in the meanwhile, awesome finds! :D

Aren’t these so cute? From Kiddley.


I love acorns. Lovely acorn necklace tutorial by Erica from Caught on a Whim.


Brilliant idea for winter-themed centrepieces! Ice pots from Family Chic.


Beautiful sheath dress, tutorial by Cotton & Curls.


I’m going to make this as soon as the last paper is done! I picture it with a sparkly yarn… or maybe a greyish teal. Lace tunic from Lion Brand Yarn.


This made me so happy today, I can’t wait for the pattern to come out. A mushroom pen cozy! I will need it for the winter semester. From Twinkie Chan.


I hope to be back in a week or so with a crochet project to show. Until then, have a wonderful Sunday and an awesome week!








this week’s awesome finds

In case you’re looking for costume ideas… for Halloween, or costume parties any day :D

Spotted this on Make. I have a soft spot for jelly fish, but wouldn’t you say this is the cutest ever?


Last minute dandelion, creative, fashionable and brilliant! From Hands Occupied.


This is a bit more involved, but totally worth the time! Especially with the donut hole bucket! (we call them Tim bits around here…) From Studio DIY.


This is not really a costume, but I love the eye ball pom poms! From Mr. Printables.


And why not dress up a cake as ramen? No joke, it’s linked to a video that shows you how to make a ramen cake. Actually seems doable. And I love that the “broth” part of it is made out of tea jello. Check it out on Kotaku!


Finally, Mike highly recommends the tea bag costume (watch for it in this awesome video!).


Have an awesome week! :D







this week’s awesome finds

Anyone want to attempt this life size Totoro costume this coming Halloween? Pretty amazing! Step by step photos of how it was built on Imgur.


Very neat braided cotton belt from How did you make this?


So very pretty. plaster-dipped flower votives from Design Mom.


These lace leaves would make such beautiful pendants or earrings. Such detailed tutorial too. Also from How did you make this? (such an amazing blog!)


A super awesome knitted octopus! Follow the link on Make for the pattern!


One lovely barn owl. Pattern on Great Grey Crochet.


I love these twine coasters. Perfect for fall. Pattern by Melmaria on Ravelry. If you don’t know how to crochet, she sells these in her Etsy shop too :D


I’m heading to a wedding in a castle! Woohoo!! Hope to bring back photos, especially levitating ones :D Have a happy weekend, everyone!










this week’s awesome finds

Fried honey bananas – such simple ingredients, and they look so good! Recipe by Rachel Schultz


Polka dots with corks. I love the subtle textures that the corks make. From Maria João.


So grumpy, and soooo adorable! Grumpy octopus coffee cup sleeve pattern by Twinkie Chan.


:D Cat shoes!! How-to found on Kittenhood (fittingly so).


Cutest knitted bunny ever! Free Ravelry download by designer Sara Elizabeth Kellner.


Ok, now all these cute animal patterns are making me want to learn to knit with tiny needles in the round, which I currently suck at. But look at the whole gang of them! With scarves!! Spotted on Ravelry, by designer Barbara Prime.


Also from Ravelry, an absolutely gorgeous lace collar by designer Melody Maria Fulone. I might have posted this in another awesome finds post before, but I follow Melody’s blog and saw the photo again and thought I MUST sharing it. This will make any plain old shirt fitting for fancy tea parties :D


And finally, ohmygoodness, A SUSHI ROLL PENCIL CASE!!! (I know all-caps get overused but I’m very careful about all-cap use and know that when I use all-caps, I’m screaming like a fan girl on the inside). So grateful for the pattern shared on Green, Broke & Living in Kits!


Have an awesomely inspired crafty week! :D










this week’s awesome finds

That’s pretty indeed! And cheerful :D Pineapple lamp by Now That’s Pretty.


I’d have a hard time eating its cute little face but I bet it’s delicious! 1-up mushroom pizza roll from Kitchen Overlord.


Pretty blouse made from a pillow sham! From the ever awesome C&C.


Maybe I’ll be able to tackle this one day! Whale shark phone cover by Reuben Briskie on Ravelry.


I’ve tried sun printing with fabric paint before, but this post by Craftiments has a scientific explanation of how it works! With regular acrylic paint! Might try that again and maybe make a tote bag with it :D


This chicken pot holder makes me grin :D Pattern by Crochet Again.


Such cheerful bunting for the bike basket! Also great for the home. Also makes nice pockets! Pattern by Greedy for Colour.


Oh my, a raincoat made of Ikea bags! Genius! By Scasper on Instructable.


Isn’t it beautiful? Pattern by Creadoo (it’s in German, so I hope Google Translate does a good job!). I really love this monochromatic version (spotted on Pinterest). Reminds me of the woven potholders we had when I was a child.


These owls are simply fabulous. By Decoideas.


Happy crafting! :D












this week’s awesome finds

Summer crafting! :D

Beautiful giant doily rug from Creative Jewish Mom.


Origami bags for trips to the farmer’s market :D Pattern on Whip Up.


Scarf to shrug for breezy summer nights. How-to on Scarves dot net.


I think I might try to make this summery dress! Tutorial on Merricks Art.


Ice cream pillows bring cool thoughts. Pattern by Twinkie Chan on Michaels.


From plain t-shirt to fabulous shrug – like magic! By Aunt Peaches.


Have always been intrigued by crocodile stitch. Might start by making these lovely flowers from B Hooked.


Horchata Milkshake! Looks so delicious! Made with coconut milk! :D another must-try. Recipe on Henry Happened.

Happy summer crafting! :D











this week’s awesome finds

Lots of wonderful things for the middle of spring! 


Rain painting! Perfect for today, actually, a rainy day here in Toronto. I love the pattern it makes when paint reacts to water. By Views From My Window.


A knit octopus plush from the ever wonderful Purl Bee. Love the texture on the underside of the tentacles. 


Ohmygoodness can anything be cuter than this? Pancake blanket with butter pat friend!!! *squeal* Pattern for sale by the always fabulous Twinkie Chan! (I’m a huge fan!!)


I don’t know where to buy the spray dye kit but love the way that awesome twist pattern is made! From I Love to Create.


Mike’s wonderful co-worker forwarded this to me (thank you, Anne!) – a neck kraken scarf! Pattern for sale on Knit Pick. Check out the rest of the Cryptozoology collection too! I downloaded the kraken wallpaper for my phone :D


Isn’t this so pretty? Pattern generously shared by Handy Kitty on Ravelry.


Fuzzy animals, by wrapping yarn around plastic animals. Isn’t that brilliant? And very cute! Look at the grey dog with the party confetti on him! From Homework.


Lovely leaf print pendant by Happy Hour Projects.


Simple and sweet! Watermelon coaster pattern by Make and Takes.


 This has a Life After People kind of feel to it. Toy truck planter spotted on Junk Market Style.


And finally, have a look at Fiddle Oak’s photostream. Has many of my favourite things – flying, origami, acorns… It’s wonderfully imaginative and simply magical.


May your weekend be filled with wonders and crafty goodness!












this week’s awesome finds

Sweet! Luscious chiffon cake tissue cozy free pattern by the awesome Twinkie Chan!


A very stylishly crocheted chevron sweater, on my to-make list :D From Make My Day Creative.


Treasure! A myriad of mushroom knitting patterns, generously shared on Kathryn Ivy.


The most lovely cake boxes, by Ravelry designer CGW Joanita Theron.


Sweet twine-wrapped washer necklaces, on Design Mom.


*squeal* A needle-felted Totoro! Video tutorial by fiber artist Jackie Huang on Make.


I was thinking maybe making a collar like this and sew it to a plain top – wouldn’t it be sweet? Pattern can be adjusted to fit child or adult. From Lulu Loves.


Such neat idea, wine cork pendants! From Fiskars.


Looks like a knitting project I can handle :D Love its simple design. From Kollabora.


Wishing you a lovely week!










this week’s awesome finds

Love these super cute jam-filled cookies :D from According to Matt.


Turkish flat bead crochet – ever tried it? I’m intrigued… from Bead Crochet Snakes.


Aren’t this such a brilliant idea? Pressing plastic insects into cookie dough! Perfect for a dinosaur-themed party :D Fossil cookies from Martha Stewart Living.


These owls just have an adorably silly look to them. Pattern from Bunny Mummy.


I love that these pretty birds are made of crocheted circles! Also from Bunny Mummy.


The loveliest ballet slippers from Green Dragonfly.


On the lookout for twigs… Spring branch necklace from Plan B.


These made out of perler beads! Simply stylish. From The Southern Institute.


Have an awesome weekend, everyone!











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