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this week’s awesome finds

Summer crafting! :D

Beautiful giant doily rug from Creative Jewish Mom.


Origami bags for trips to the farmer’s market :D Pattern on Whip Up.


Scarf to shrug for breezy summer nights. How-to on Scarves dot net.


I think I might try to make this summery dress! Tutorial on Merricks Art.


Ice cream pillows bring cool thoughts. Pattern by Twinkie Chan on Michaels.


From plain t-shirt to fabulous shrug – like magic! By Aunt Peaches.


Have always been intrigued by crocodile stitch. Might start by making these lovely flowers from B Hooked.


Horchata Milkshake! Looks so delicious! Made with coconut milk! :D another must-try. Recipe on Henry Happened.

Happy summer crafting! :D











this week’s awesome finds

Lots of wonderful things for the middle of spring! 


Rain painting! Perfect for today, actually, a rainy day here in Toronto. I love the pattern it makes when paint reacts to water. By Views From My Window.


A knit octopus plush from the ever wonderful Purl Bee. Love the texture on the underside of the tentacles. 


Ohmygoodness can anything be cuter than this? Pancake blanket with butter pat friend!!! *squeal* Pattern for sale by the always fabulous Twinkie Chan! (I’m a huge fan!!)


I don’t know where to buy the spray dye kit but love the way that awesome twist pattern is made! From I Love to Create.


Mike’s wonderful co-worker forwarded this to me (thank you, Anne!) – a neck kraken scarf! Pattern for sale on Knit Pick. Check out the rest of the Cryptozoology collection too! I downloaded the kraken wallpaper for my phone :D


Isn’t this so pretty? Pattern generously shared by Handy Kitty on Ravelry.


Fuzzy animals, by wrapping yarn around plastic animals. Isn’t that brilliant? And very cute! Look at the grey dog with the party confetti on him! From Homework.


Lovely leaf print pendant by Happy Hour Projects.


Simple and sweet! Watermelon coaster pattern by Make and Takes.


 This has a Life After People kind of feel to it. Toy truck planter spotted on Junk Market Style.


And finally, have a look at Fiddle Oak’s photostream. Has many of my favourite things – flying, origami, acorns… It’s wonderfully imaginative and simply magical.


May your weekend be filled with wonders and crafty goodness!












this week’s awesome finds

Sweet! Luscious chiffon cake tissue cozy free pattern by the awesome Twinkie Chan!


A very stylishly crocheted chevron sweater, on my to-make list :D From Make My Day Creative.


Treasure! A myriad of mushroom knitting patterns, generously shared on Kathryn Ivy.


The most lovely cake boxes, by Ravelry designer CGW Joanita Theron.


Sweet twine-wrapped washer necklaces, on Design Mom.


*squeal* A needle-felted Totoro! Video tutorial by fiber artist Jackie Huang on Make.


I was thinking maybe making a collar like this and sew it to a plain top – wouldn’t it be sweet? Pattern can be adjusted to fit child or adult. From Lulu Loves.


Such neat idea, wine cork pendants! From Fiskars.


Looks like a knitting project I can handle :D Love its simple design. From Kollabora.


Wishing you a lovely week!










this week’s awesome finds

Love these super cute jam-filled cookies :D from According to Matt.


Turkish flat bead crochet – ever tried it? I’m intrigued… from Bead Crochet Snakes.


Aren’t this such a brilliant idea? Pressing plastic insects into cookie dough! Perfect for a dinosaur-themed party :D Fossil cookies from Martha Stewart Living.


These owls just have an adorably silly look to them. Pattern from Bunny Mummy.


I love that these pretty birds are made of crocheted circles! Also from Bunny Mummy.


The loveliest ballet slippers from Green Dragonfly.


On the lookout for twigs… Spring branch necklace from Plan B.


These made out of perler beads! Simply stylish. From The Southern Institute.


Have an awesome weekend, everyone!











this week’s awesome finds

Very cute felted wool rings from Dans le Townhouse.


Love the burnt meringue on top! Spotted on Ravelry.


A painting a day, on a petri dish. Each a stunningly beautiful universe. By Klari Reis.


Perler bead bow tie! :D From Morning Creativity.


Stylish t-shirt dress for tots. My niece would look so adorable in it. I’m sure I can also modify the pattern to make one big enough for me :P From Pardon my Chaos.


This is hilarious and so awesome, makes great party hats! From Having Fun at Home.


Cheerful bike seat cover from And Sew We Craft.


May your weekend be filled with peace and the hope of growth and new life that the spring season brings!









this week’s awesome finds

 Awesome yarn-bombing idea. More on Carmichael Collective.


 So CUTE! Makes a great pocket on a coat or cardigan, I think. From Repeat Crafter Me.


 Best thing ever! I’m going to have to make this before my next road trip. Sewing pattern for tentacle neck pillow from Tally’s Treasury.


 Very hip and elegant single stem rosette necklace, from Bored & Crafty.


 Bunny gloves! I love the bow tie. Pattern from Devin Cole.


 This sheep needs to live on my couch. Knitting pattern from The Purl Bee.


 I didn’t know about the apparently really widespread grumpy cat meme before coming across this, but I just LOVE this grumpy cat pin from LDP! I think I have to make one to keep me company when I’m feeling grumpy.


 How awesome is this party hat from Oh Happy Day? You can even add the candle to make it extra extra festive :D


Have a happy week! :D



this week’s awesome finds

Just in time for valentines! :D

 Cannot get over how cute this hedgehog is! Knitting pattern from The Purl Bee.


 Maybe a bit too late to mail this, but still makes a really cool gift! For birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays too! From Oh Happy Day.


 An idea to use with kids, but I think I would have lots of fun with watercolour too :D From Inner Child Fun.


 These cute hearts! They would make such a nice brooch all year long! From Mochimochi Land.


Wishing you a very sweet weekend!

Lots of love,



this week’s awesome finds


 Infinity scarf made with fat quarters. I especially love the hand stitching on it. From Sew Homegrown.


 I don’t have pets, but this looks really pretty. And I bet it smells nice. Plus I’ve seen witch hazel in the drug store but never know what it’s used for. Homemade flea repellent for furry friends, from MAKE.


 Whoa! A totoro bed! Spotted on Cut Out and Keep.


 A six-month pinhole exposure with a beer can! Magical. Maybe one day I’ll give pinhole photography a try too. Story on The Photographer.


 A very sweet creature to make for Valentine’s Day. Plush kiss generously shared for free by Heather Jarmusz  on Ravelry

If you’re looking for more sweet things to give to loved ones check out Heidi Kenney’s awesome valentine printable!

Also, it’s just occurred to me that tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day, and my groundhog pattern is featured on the Lion Brand Yarn blog! :D The one created for the Lion Brand blog post looks much bigger, made with a thicker chenille yarn… I wish I can see the shape of it more clearly without the dog chewing on it, but I’m thankful to be mentioned :D

And last but not least, there are still a few more hours left to enter the Giraffe neckwarmer giveaway before it closes tonight at midnight!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!




this week’s awesome finds

 Über cute cross stitch heart sweater from Über Chic for Cheap!


 It’s a llama! Or Alpaca? Not sure what the difference are, but they’re both awesome :D So is this plastic animal pin cushion from Small Good Things.


 Impressive dragon scarfs pointed out to me by the awesome Amy :D For sale on Ravelry.


 Moomin! I used to watch Moomin cartoons when I was a kid. Really enjoyed the calmness and peacefulness of it. Crochet pattern from Samigurumi.


 A different way to stamp! I wonder if it would work with just a sponge with some paint on it. From Tally’s Treasury.


 I’ve been seeing this around the web a lot. I kept thinking it was some kind of joke, until one day I got curious and clicked on a link to the tutorial – one CAN mail a piece of cake! What fun would it be to find a piece of cake in the mailbox? What fun would it be for the postman to put a piece of cake in the mailbox? Spread the sweetness! :D


 These seat covers look like clouds. With a whopping 20mm hook and merely 3 rounds of crochet! From Pickles.


 Simply the cutest cupcake toppers, from Oh Happy Day.


 I’d love to make this for a friend who loves to make macarons (and they’re super delicious too!). From Craft Passion.


 Lovely granny hat from Revving It Up.


 Also really like this simple and very cozy-looking garter stitch hat. From Jane Ellison.


 I marvel at super realistic miniature food things but rarely do I find such detailed tutorials for it! This is fascinating – cookie charms, also spotted on Craft Passion.


Have an awesome weekend! :D



this week’s awesome finds

Just a few quick gifts – for others and self :D


 Photo snowglobe ornaments! From Photojojo.


 Snow globe soap dispensers! One could totally use small plastic dinosaurs instead of Christmas village people! From Mad in Crafts


 Cotton candy plush! From Twinkie Chan.


 Dinosaur planter, made from plastic dinosaur from the dollar store. From Carrieelissa.


 Such lovely top, with buttons on the back. From C & C.


 Simple headwrap, via Smile and Wave (scroll down for downloadable pattern).


Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! :D



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