this week’s awesome finds

It’s out­door-din­ing weath­er! Love the­se cheer­ful and clev­er per­ler bead drink cov­ers to keep bugs out, also dou­ble as coast­ers! Spot­ted on Make.

The­se ginkgo ear­rings are so very beau­ti­ful. Hard to believe they’re made with shrink plas­tic! From Wellnest­ing.

Must try this next time I get a bou­quet :D Frozen flow­er pho­to tuto­ri­al spot­ted on Pho­to­jo­jo.

Sim­ple and fun clothes­pin pup­pets, with print­able tem­plates! Might give this a try one day with the nieces, nephews and friends :) From Delia Cre­ates.

Very classy dip-dyed busi­ness cards. From Mint­ed.

Recipes for the­se straw­ber­ry kiwi and oth­er fruity ice pops on The Slow Roast­ed Ital­ian :D

Have a won­der­ful week, every­one! :D


this week’s awesome finds

Per­fect bun­ny hat for a spring tea par­ty :3 From Mam­ma in a Stitch.

Such impres­sive-look­ing soap — makes impres­sive-look­ing gifts :) From Fall for DIY.

The­se from fish­ing lures, super fun! From The Trag­ic Whale.

So very pret­ty for spring­time. From Red Heart Yarn.

Best mitts to show off gor­geous hand-dyed var­ie­gat­ed yarns! From Knit­ting and so on.

I always find pineap­ples real­ly cheer­ful, and the­se are just the most cheer­ful par­ty favour bags ever. From The House the Lars Built.

Wish I had come across this tuto­ri­al before scour­ing for a bracelet to wear with my very plain black dress to a wed­ding this week­end… but it’s not too late, I’d still like to make one one day! I love the sim­plic­i­ty of the design, per­fect for show­cas­ing spe­cial stones. From The Clum­sy Crafter.

Have an awe­some week, every­one! :D

this week’s awesome finds

Home­made reed dif­fuser, eas­ier to make than I thought! Didn’t know that one could even use bam­boo skew­ers for this. From Make & Takes.

I like tiny stud ear­rings, and the­se heart-shaped ones are just love­ly. From Fall for DIY.

I often see cof­fee pots at thrift stores and won­dered what they can be used for. Now I know — a ter­rar­i­um! Though last time I tried grow­ing air plants it didn’t work out so well, they just shriv­eled up and died. How I could kill an air plant that only requires air to live I don’t real­ly know. But any­way, this cof­fee pot ter­rar­i­um from A Charm­ing Project is bril­liant!

I must share this, because I <3 Choco­cat :D Pat­tern from Sabrina’s Cro­chet.

I do like cats very much, and this is SO cute! The pat­tern is in French but Google Trans­late does a pret­ty good job. From La Souris aux Petits Doigts.

This tunic might be my next project :D Looks fan­tas­tic with the var­ie­gat­ed yarn. From Red Heart.

Add some sub­tle cute­ness to any out­fit with this donut ring, spot­ted on Dream a Lit­tle Big­ger.

Love this stitch pat­tern, might make a cozy sweater too. Pat­tern from Slugs on the Refrig­er­a­tor.

And final­ly, if you like The Grand Budapest Hotel as much as I do (and if you haven’t seen it, I high­ly rec­om­mend!), and if you like to bake, you might enjoy mak­ing the­se pas­tries from the film! Video recipe spot­ted on Make.

Hap­py Wednes­day, every­one!


this week’s awesome finds




First, I want to share with you this AWESOME instal­la­tion that my sis­ter point­ed out to me, by Chicago artist Melis­sa Jay Craig. Why books as mush­rooms, you ask? She says, “When I was a child, the first time I had the intrigu­ing feel­ing that the plan­et car­ried mes­sages (texts, if you will) for those who were curi­ous enough to look, was when I came upon a group of Aman­i­ta Mus­caria, hud­dled togeth­er in a dark, secret space under tall pines.” Isn’t it beau­ti­ful? Read more about the instal­la­tion at This is Colos­sal.


Now, want to make your own mush­room instal­la­tion? Here’s a love­ly how-to using wine corks and mag­nets on At Home in Love.


The­se cac­ti are so very cute. From Craft­ber­ry Bush.


I don’t know much about bead­ing, and I want­ed to make a state­ment neck­lace to wear to a wed­ding with an old black sweater dress, so I was look­ing for tuto­ri­als, and I real­ly like this one on tuts+, fea­tur­ing dif­fer­ent stones.


Tuto­ri­al for mak­ing the­se beau­ti­ful needle felt­ed birds, by Joe & Cheryl.


Origami is one of my favourite things, and this is just adorable — dia­grams for mak­ing the sushi AND the wood­en plat­form they’re on, plus a trea­sure tro­ve of origami dia­grams from dinosaurs to fly­ing squir­rels to soft serve ice cream cones on Origami Club! :D


A beau­ti­ful wall hang­ing of moon phas­es, from Almost Makes Per­fect.


A super fun straw­ber­ry cake tis­sue box cov­er by the awe­some Twinkie Chan, using loop stitch! (my favourite!) From The Tis­sue Box Bak­ery.


If I have a cat, I would make him this cat tent. From Prac­ti­cal­ly Func­tion­al.


Beau­ti­ful­ly knit­ted broc­coli flo­rets by Rav­el­ry design­er Sara Eliz­a­beth Kell­ner (check out her oth­er pat­terns too! I espe­cial­ly love the queen bee). I love how the tex­tures are made of purl and knit stitch­es. Pat­tern for sale on Rav­el­ry.


Wish­ing you a week of delight­ful crafty adven­tures!








this week’s awesome finds

’tis the sea­son for (quick) hand­made gifts! :D

Ok, may­be this one isn’t so quick… but I love the sim­plic­i­ty of garter stitch. And the accom­pa­ny­ing neck­lace is prob­a­bly a quick-make! From


This is so very beau­ti­ful. And looks to be quite easy to make in large batch­es (prob­a­bly also works with store bought gin­ger­bread and cake, for peo­ple who don’t bake, like me. I know, it’s not the same as home­made gin­ger­bread and cake, but some of us just aren’t great at bak­ing). I espe­cial­ly love the ones with the gin­ger­bread ani­mals. From My Name is Yeh.


Also in a jar — deli­cious soup! Just add water! Who doesn’t like warm soup in the win­ter? From She Uncov­ered.


I think this is pret­ty hilar­i­ous, in a very fes­tive kind of way. From Sug­ar & Cloth.


For the mac­aron lovers in your life. (good thing the mac­aron lover in my life doesn’t read my blog :P) I imag­ine using Mod­el Mag­ic would make it feel very much like a real mac­aron. From Adven­tures in Fash­ion.


The­se hand­made hand warm­ers stay warm about 20 min­utes, per­fect for wait­ing for the bus on win­try morn­ings. And unlike the dol­lar store vari­ety they’re reusable and there­fore friend­lier to the envi­ron­ment. From My Crafti­ly Ever After.


Glit­tery gum­drops, so cheer­ful, and extra fan­cy when they’re home­made. From Bak­erel­la.


I think the­se mag­net­ic tin snow globes are genius. From A Girl & a Boy.

Hap­py hol­i­day craft­ing!! :D





this week’s awesome finds

Aren’t the­se the most hug­gable cats? Pat­tern on Mish­to.

Who knew platy­pus­es would make such awe­some pothold­ers? Pat­tern at Pata­lap­pu­ma­nia.

And the­se giant leaves! I’m think­ing coast­ers, gar­land, wreath, elbow patch? Pat­tern on Mes­sy­la.

Fly­ing squir­rels are the coolest! Also a great way to upcy­cle an fleece blan­ket or sweater! Pat­tern on Wild Olive.

Anoth­er fly­ing squir­rel, this time a very help­ful needle-min­der. I don’t embroi­der very much, but I imag­ine it would be a lot of fun mak­ing the squir­rel fly across the fab­ric by mov­ing the mag­net on the back :D Also from Wild Olive.

Speak­ing of embroi­dery, love the­se embroi­dered plas­tic can­vas ear­rings. From Emuse.

I don’t have a food dehy­dra­tor, but if I do I would def­i­nite­ly give this a try — it is fas­ci­nat­ing! I would nev­er think of turn­ing water­mel­on into jerky. Very curi­ous about how it would taste… Spot­ted on Instructa­bles.

Fun and funky Per­ler bead but­tons! From Mak­er Mama.

Looks super awe­some and very easy to make! Burg­er bal­loons from Stu­dio DIY.

Have fan­tas­tic Wednes­day, every­one! :D


this week’s awesome finds

Weav­ing is so much fun. Woven neck­lace from Say Yes.

The­se are styl­ish. Per­ler bead ban­gles, from DIY Can­dy.

On the to-make list. Cro­chet tunic from Lion Brand Yarn.

Also from Lion Brand Yarn, per­fect cro­chet piece for fall.

Grow your own crys­tal neck­lace — how neat is this? Now I just have to fig­ure out where to buy alum salt… From The Cwafty Blog.

This requires a prop­er pom pom mak­er, but it will be worth it. Mush­room pom pom from Small Good Things.

Love the Nyan Cat scarf pat­terns but thought it would be a bit much to actu­al­ly wear them… but a book­mark! Every­one can use a book­mark. From Cute & Kaboodle.

The Purl Bee always has boxy blouse pat­terns that I love.

Love that this is made of stars. Cro­chet Cowl from Moo­gly.

Made from a pil­low­case! From Lil’ Bit & Nan.

Hap­py Wednes­day!

this week’s awesome finds

Beau­ti­ful sun print tote by Alisa Burke.

Super fun stack­able burg­er pil­low by Please Note.

Amaz­ing­ly sim­ple banana frozen ice cream by Now That’s Pret­ty.

Tiny kit­ty — so CUTE!!! — by While She Naps.

Per­fect sum­mer skirt! I love the print (appar­ent­ly from Ikea!). On Make.

Love the sim­plic­i­ty and bold­ness of this neck­lace, espe­cial­ly love that it’s cro­chet. By Chabe GS Cro­chet Design.

I will have to make this when we have the space for it. T-shirt rug by Cro­chet in Pater­nos­ter.

I like this top, and it’s actu­al­ly most­ly knit­ted flat! By Lion Brand Yarn.

This! Made by a rice cook­er! Must try soon. Epic rice cook­er pan­cake by Rock­et News 24.

A seashell head­band (a crown, actu­al­ly!) fit for a sea king, or queen, or mer­maid. By How Did You Make That?

More ocean­ic fun with this build-a-squid web­site (thanks Amy!), spot­ted on Cute Over­load.

More sea crea­tures to cro­chet, with this get whale soon tis­sue box cov­er, extra awe­some with its pun­ni­ness. By Moo­gly.

And while we’re at it, why knot mak­ing some nau­ti­cal knot bracelets to add to the fun? (okay, I’ll stop. But you can find the how-to on the Etsy blog.)

Def­i­nite­ly mak­ing the mush­room one. And may­be the hedge­hog one too… And is that an owl? :D The­se are so much fun. Cro­chet but­tons by Rav­el­ry design­er Kathrin Bardeleben.

Have a crafty week­end!

this week’s awesome finds

I actu­al­ly secret­ly real­ly like fried spam. Try­ing not to eat it too much though as I age. But the­se Totoro spam musubi are just too cute. From i am a food blog.

Par­ty hats, fit for the most mag­i­cal gar­den par­ties. From Oh Hap­py Day.

I love boxy-shaped shirts. Pat­tern from the Purl Bee.

This looks super com­pli­cat­ed but it’s actu­al­ly made with­out draft­ing a pat­tern! From Elle Appar­el.

Birth­day shrimp is such an awe­some idea. From Sian on Etsy.

Bread let­ter orga­niz­er! Might even dou­ble as a toast cool­ing rack :D From Twinkie Chan.

A very sculp­tural pen­dant. From Lion Brand Yarn.

I love fab­ric flow­er brooches. From Flax and Twine.

Pom poms make any space look cheer­ful. Rug from Home­d­it.

Mouse pouch, made of plas­tic con­tain­er lids and felt. Appar­ent­ly it’s a project that kids can make. Have to give this a try some­times. From The Crafty Swedes (in Swedish, I think, but with self-explana­to­ry pho­tos).

Just look at the dinosaur hap­pi­ly stamp­ing its foot­prints on the cook­ie dough! This made my day. Spot­ted on Imgur.

Have an awe­some week­end!


this week’s awesome finds

Knit cac­ti. Love the tex­tures made with dif­fer­ent stitch pat­terns. From Sewing Bare­foot.

Fab­ric flow­ers make beau­ti­ful spring brooches! From Crea­ture Com­forts.

Very cool hid­den stor­age, also from Sewing Bare­foot.

Beau­ti­ful crepe paper car­na­tions, from Ruf­fles & Stuff.

I like pat­terns that use both knit and cro­chet. From Lion Brand Yarn.

Ani­mal pin par­ty favours. Can I be the bun­ny or the owl? From Oh Hap­py Day.

Hap­py hous­es made of milk car­tons. From Bloe­sem Kids.

Nicer than real ones in some ways, even. Cof­fee fil­ter flow­ers, from Just Bel­la.

I might have post­ed this before but my friend Amy sent it to me recent­ly and it made my day so I’m post­ing it again :D 8-foot giant squid pil­low! The most awe­some thing ever! Comes with the sewing pat­tern! From Build-a-DIY.

Pat­tern for a tiny rab­bit, weld­ing a needle and vow­ing to pro­tect yarn stash (needle and yarn stash not includ­ed in the pat­tern). Sim­ply the cutest! From Pops de Milk.

A dif­fer­ent kind of bun­ny, with a star­burst cen­tre this time. From Green Drag­on­fly.

Shep­herd knit­ting, with a hook! Nev­er seen that before. Might make a nice cowl. Must try it some­day. From Amore Fecit.

Mike would love this — sprin­kles can­dle! And it’s sup­posed to smell like cake! From Beth­Cakes.

And this one is for my sis­ter :D Goo­gly eyes make every­thing awe­some. From Lit­tle Gath­er­er.

Have a hap­py week, every­one! :D

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