tiny donut party (a giveaway!)

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 47 19 AM

Guess what? It’s the genuine mudpie blog’s 5th anniversary! :D

Can’t believe I’ve been writing and doing crafts on this blog for 5 years already. I’ve definitely slowed down a little with the blogging (but not with the crafting!), especially recently, because of school and work. But I’ve always found it so comforting to return to this space and share what brings me joy. Thank you so much for supporting genuine mudpie by visiting, leaving comments and journeying with me on various crafty adventures! :D

So! To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway of tiny donuts! Simply leave a comment on this post by next Friday April 8th, and I will randomly draw a name from the comments. I will announce the winner here on Saturday April 9th. The winner can choose any 3 of the donuts shown here. I will attach a safety pin to the back of each donut — so you can wear one proudly and share the rest with your friends (or not :P). And yes, I ship worldwide :)

Each donut is a little shy of 1″ across.

Photo 2015-04-04, 12 01 01 PM

And here are some of the flavours :D We have classic pink frosting…

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 49 01 AM

Carrot cake!

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 49 58 AM

Mint chocolate.

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 57 33 AM

Special sparkly lavender.

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 52 33 AM


And more :)

Photo 2015-04-04, 11 59 12 AM


They’re actually a lot of fun to make and very quick too, so I will also be sharing the pattern next Saturday so everyone can make them :) But if you’d like the chance of receiving cheerful tiny donut pins in the mail, please leave a comment below! :D

Happy Saturday!


other fun things

I’ve been only posting about the 12 Days of Woodland Creatures for the past month! But you know me, that wouldn’t be the only project I’ve been working on — here are some of the other fun things that have been keeping my hands busy :D

Photo 2014-09-19, 6 47 03 PM

About a month ago I made a couple of stool covers for my awesome friends as a wedding gift, following this pattern by We are Knitters. Yes! The loop stitch! It’s just so fun to make! But after making hundreds, possibly thousands of loop stitches to make the 2 covers I think I will give it a rest for now… I think the covers will also make nice padding for regular chairs or extra floor seatings!

I also made these very cute (and very easy! Instant plush!) knit square rabbits following this patter from Lebenslustiger, for my niece and nephews to celebrate the arrival of the new baby brother :D

square rabbits

They have white pom poms for tails.

square rabbits 2

One day I went out to gather the last few dandelions and filled a few small bottles with the seeds.


As you can see I’ve attached a head pin to the cork — they turned into necklaces and are now in my friend’s shop, amongst other things…

new shopThat’s right! I’ve joined my friend Jessica’s shop again this month :D It’s a shop in downtown Toronto that rents out spaces to local artists/artisans. Please visit if you’re in the neighbourhood :D You might recognize some of the pins that I made earlier (see better pictures of them in this post) for an outdoor craft show (which was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather), and the hedgehogs and owls!

AND! As you may have noticed on the right sidebar of this blog I’ve also reopened my Etsy shop. I took a break from both the physical shop and the Etsy shop last year because of a very packed schedule of school and work. But since I’ve graduated (yay!) I’ve got more time on my hands :D

So one item I recently listed — and I’m quite proud of it — is the BYOBLT stackable magnet set!

BYOBLTMike designed the packaging for it — isn’t it so professional-looking? Here it is in action!


And because the bacon was a lot of fun to make, I made a few smiling bacon magnets for the physical shop as well (plus some very festive candy corns for the season!). Maybe I will list them on Etsy too.


I have definitely been enjoying more time to craft and be creative!

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and weekend!


12 days of woodland creatures

Introducing!! 12 Days of Woodland Creatures (and Their Favourite Things)!


You’re invited to a crochet-along! :D

I’ve been planning this for a while now. Every year I try to do a “daily practice” kind of project, where I make something everyday, as a way of keeping creativity flowing, like the square-a-day project. This year I was asked by a good friend to make a forest-themed mobile for the newest member of her family (exciting!!). So, to honour my friend’s generous spirit I thought I would share how I make each creature with everyone on this blog :D

And then I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for a crochet-along! The creatures don’t only belong on a mobile, they can be used for a lot of different things…



Ornaments? Maybe for an advent calender like this? Or, by the end of the project you would have a set of woodland ornaments for the Christmas tree, just in time for the holiday season!

Characters for felt storyboards, with velcro on the back?

Carry-along plush toys?

Pocket pets?

Possibilities are endless :)


So! This is how it works: 

Every 2–3 days I will post a pattern for a crochet woodland creature (or its favourite things). And I won’t be pre-announcing what the creatures are, so it will be a surprise every time! At the end there will be 12 patterns. You can crochet along for all of the patterns, or just one, or pick the ones you like. And if you send me pictures or blog posts about what you have created, I will share it here, like our craft-along gallery a couple of years ago (that was lots of fun! :D), then we can see all the different and fun and creative ways that everyone has used for the creatures!

I’d love to know if you’d like to join in the fun, please make a comment below! :D

AND!! Today we have our first creature — yup, you guessed it. The hedgehog!

hedgehog fuzzy

Love the fuzzy yarn on this one :)

I also learned the loop stitch in the making of the hedgehog. There’s a great photo tutorial of it if you haven’t made it before.

I used:

Worsted weight yarn — one colour for the body and a contrasting colour for the head.

4 mm hook

2 small black beads for eyes (just one if you’re making a brooch)

Needle and thread for sewing

Pink embroidery thread and brown yarn for embroidering rosy cheeks and nose


Note: the turning ch 1 in this pattern does not count as a stitch. The pattern alternates between loop stitch (lp st) rows and single crochet (sc) rows, with the increases and decreases made in the sc rows and working even in the lp st rows)


With body colour, ch 5

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn.

Row 2: ch 1, loop stitch (lp st) in each sc across (4 lp st), turn.

Row 3: ch 1, 1 sc in each of the next 2 lp st, 2 sc in each of the next 2 lp st, turn.

Row 4: ch 1, lp st in each sc across (6 lp st), turn.

Row 5: ch 1, 1 sc in each of the next 4 lp st, 2 sc in each of the remaining 2 lp st, turn.

Row 6: ch 1, lp st in each sc across (8 lp st), turn.

Row 7: ch 1, 1 sc in each lp st across, turn.

Row 8: ch 1, lp st in each sc across (8 lp st), turn.

Row 9 & 10: repeat rows 7 & 8 (8 lp st).

Row 11: ch 1, 1 sc in each of the next 2 lp st, *2 sc tog over next 2 lp st*, repeat from * to * twice, turn.

Row 12: ch 1, lp st in each sc across (5 lp st), turn.

Change to head colour, fasten off body colour.

Row 13: ch 1, sc in each lp st, turn.

Row 14: ch 1, 2 sc tog over first 2 sc, 1 sc in each remaining sc across, turn.

Row 15: ch 1, 1 sc in each of the next 2 sc, 2 sc tog over the remaining 2 sc, turn.

Row 16: 3 sc tog, fasten off.

If you’re making a double-sided hedgehog:

Make a mirror image of the above hedgehog shape by reversing the increases and decrease in the pattern, i.e. if the row ends with increase/decrease stitches in the pattern, start with increase/decrease stitches when making a mirror image, and vice versa. Leave a long tail for sewing when fastening off both the body colour and the head colour. Sew on eyes, embroider nose and rosy cheeks, then sew the two hedgehog shapes together, using the long tail of head colour when sewing the head section and the long tail of body colour when sewing the body section.

If you’re making a single-sided hedgehog, like a brooch:

Make a back piece for the hedgehog using head colour following the pattern above, replacing all lp st rows with sc rows. Sew pin back to the back piece, sew on eye, nose and rosy cheek, then sew the back piece to the hedgehog.

And that’s it! You have a new hedgehog friend :D

Hope you like the pattern, and please drop me a note if you want to join me in crocheting along!




and the winning amigurumi is.…

Today is the day! 

I’m randomly drawing an amigurumi suggestion from the comments everyone has left on this post, this post, and my post on Instagram.

I’m using the list randomizer on random.org. I enter all the suggestions as a list, and then the number one item in the randomized list would be the winner.

And the winning amigurumi is…

random march 8



An amigurumi narwhal will be going to Amy, who made the suggestion :D

Now I just have to ask for everyone’s patience, as the finished narwhal and pattern will take me a little time… but it would be a great way to welcome spring/summer by making an aquatic creature! 

Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions and comments! I’m a bit sad that I’m not able to make a pattern for all of the amigurumi you’ve suggested, because they’re all great ideas and I like all of them! So I’ve decided to scour the interweb to see if these patterns already exist, and here they are if you want to make some of them :D (you can click on the above image to see the list of all the animals suggested)

Thanks so much for the inspirations, everyone!



capybara currently ahead of the curve

Aw, and this one is hugging a cat. (source)

As you may know in my last post I asked everyone what animal/creature/thing you’d like to see an amigurumi (crochet small plush) pattern for, and to leave a comment if you’ve got an idea. I’d then randomly choose a comment this Saturday to make the crochet plush that’s been suggested. The person who made the comment will receive the finished crochet plush (I do ship internationally), and I will write up the pattern and share it on the blog for all to enjoy :D

So far it looks like capybara has the most chance of being randomly chosen, as most of the visitors/readers have suggested it. But if you’d like a crochet plush of a different animal/creature/thing, there’s still a chance before Saturday! You can leave a comment on this post or my last post.

Have a good rest-of-the-week!





I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by the wonderful Kirsty at Tea and Rainbows! :D 

That made my day. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness Kirsty! I’ve been following Kirsty’s blog for a while and I’m always super impressed with her sewing projects — please hop over to check them out!

Part of the award involves answering some questions for Kirsty, which are so overdue now, and I’m posting a much abbreviated response to the nomination because of lack of time, I’m sorry >_< but here they are!

1. What’s your guilty pleasure?
I eat far too much chips, sometimes I think it’s not so good for me but that’s the first thing I go for after a busy day at school/work :S

2. What’s your favourite kind of fabric to work with?
Cotton! Very easy to work with and doesn’t slip all over the place.

3. Favourite animal?
Llamas, capybaras, rabbits, giraffes, penguins, owls (it’s hard to name just one :P)  

4. What’s your all-time-favourite sewing pattern to make?
The square top! (and variations of it, dresses and such)

5. What one sewing tool can’t you live without?
Needles of all sorts. I use them to sew together crochet and knitting projects as well, and embroidering details.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist or a paleontologist 

7. What’s the best thing that happened to you today?
I got some free time to knit, and to write this blog post :D

8. What’s your favourite seam finish?
I’ve only ever use straight stitch… oh wait, I tried French seam once, it was fun.

9. How long ago did you start sewing?
When I was 14.

10. If I gave you a cat, what would you name it?
Filbert. Or McFurson. 

11. Where do you get your sewing inspiration from?
What I see people wear, or blogs. I like very simple shapes and structures.


And now, I’ve got a question for you! I haven’t been posting amigurumi or crochet tiny plush patterns lately, part of the reason is that I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for new things to make. I’m wondering what you would like to see an amigurumi / crochet tiny plush pattern for? Please feel free to leave a comment! 

And to make it fun, I will randomly choose a comment and make the animal/thing that’s suggested in the comment next Saturday, and the person who made the comment will receive the finished crochet plush :) And of course, I will post the pattern to share with everyone. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Have a great week, everyone!




giraffe winner!

A gigantic thank-you to everyone who entered my second giveaway! I’m super excited to announce the winner…

This time I decided to pick the winner in style by drawing numbers out of a hat.

giraffe draw

And the winner is.….  the 8th commenter in the post!

Congratulations Jeanette!!! :D  I will contact you by email shortly for your mailing addresses. And yes, I do ship internationally. Giraffe the neck warmer is equally excited to have a new home!! 


Thank you to everyone for your support…

have a fantastic week and a very Happy Groundhog day!

giraffe giveaway! :D

giraffe 1


 Giraffe the neck warmer is one of the things that I was letting go of from my last post.

I made it for a craft show a few years back, it’s been sitting in my “potential sale items” bin since then. 

giraffe 2


It’s crocheted with a fuzzy brown yarn like this and a soft yellow acrylic yarn, with two large white buttons for closure.

This is how it looks on a neck…

giraffe 3


Very warm. A customer who bought a similar neck warmer from me said it was good for bike-riding in cold weather.

So if you are interested in giving Giraffe the neck warmer a home, please leave a comment in this post before midnight on Friday February 1st. The winner will be selected using a random number generator and I will post the result on Saturday, February 2nd.

Friends and visitors from far and wide are welcome to enter, I will send it anywhere :D


Have a sweet weekend! 




craft-along gallery posted! :D

All the awesome photos and stories you’ve sent are finally posted! You can find them by clicking the “craft-along gallery” tap above. A huge thank-you hug to Mike who added the nifty gallery viewer :D

A tiny Yeti hug :D

The craft-along was a lot of fun! And I’ve been oooh-ing and ahh-ing over the photos everyone’s sent me. I will totally be up for having another party sometimes in the future. Maybe next time we can have a themed party!

Thank you so much for joining me! So inspired by your creativity. I hope you’ve had a good time crafting, and I hope you enjoy looking at everyone’s projects!

Have a great week, everyone!

you are so awesome!

For the past few days I have been receiving pictures from the craft-along weekend and stories to go with them. Thank you so much! :D your creativity is awesome and inspiring! I thought I would also share with you what I made with the white fuzzy yarn while watching Jurassic Park on the weekend…


Yes! A Yeti! I will have to take better photos of him with props and everything, and I plan on sharing the pattern, but there’s been a family emergency this week and I’m a bit frazzled. So I hope to post the pattern later next week. But I’m still aiming to post all of your awesome photos this weekend :)

Thank you so much for crafting along with me! Have an awesome rest of the week!

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