Presentinnnng… Favourite-things Friday!

I really like the idea of having different themes for different days of the week, like in some of the craft blogs that I like to read. So! I’m incorporating that idea because it looks like so much fun! And because Friday is my favourite day of of the week at the moment (a day off, followed by another day off, is it great or what!), I thought it would be fitting to post some of my favourite things on Fridays.

Marshmallow peep bunnies make the top of the list this week, since it’s Easter. I don’t particularly like to eat them, in fact I can’t bring myself to eat them (I mean, chewing off their fluffy ears? What a cruel thought!), and I don’t think that the true meaning of Easter has anything to do with marshmallows or bunnies, but I still love them anyway, simply for the utter cuteness of it.

This year I was determined to make a marshmallow peep bunny whose head cannot be chewed off, unless you’re a felt-eating monster. I found a tutorial on That’s Just Freaking Lovely and printed the template from that.


I attached a pin on the back to wear to the egg-hunting-face-painting-pancake-eating-extravaganza at church on Sunday.

Today at breakfast, Mike gave me a kinder surprise (he’s the best!). Marshmallow peep found its way into it when I was clearing away the dishes.

Delightful,” it sniffs, “with chocolaty goodness in the air… I can really get used to this cozy place, rather than going back to that horrible mess of a desk I was in yesterday!”

Too busy talking to itself, marshmallow peep did not see that an odd-looking buggy-eyed girl has just popped out of her pod and is lurking behind the tinfoil…

Not so fast!” odd buggy-eyed girl charges, her piercing green eyes fast on marshmallow peep, which makes Marshmallow peep feels so glad it’s not really made out of marshmallow, or it would surely be pierced to mush by those laser beam eyes by now!

As the agile marshmallow peep quickly hops into hiding, the odd buggy-eyed girl takes off her head *gasp* with an evil laugh that sounds more like wheezing… “HHHHeeeee HHHHeeeee HHHHeeeeeeee.…”

And the truth is no longer out there, it is revealed! The odd buggy-eyed girl is actually AN ALIEN! The girl head is just A MASK! How creepy is THAT! I know, kinder toys are always more strange than cute… I think I like opening them more than keeping them…

While Mr.Alien is still boasting about his masterful disguise, Trish takes a break from the eternal dishes chore and tiptoes to the scene and carefully drags the chocolate off the table.

MUHAHAHAHAHA…” was all he heard. “Grrrrrrr.…” was the only sound he could make.

Will Mr.Alien come back for the chocolate? What ever happened to marshmallow peep? Stay tuned for the next episode of Favourite-things Friday!

This blogging business is far too much fun :D