horchata fiesta

After listening to Horchata by Vampire Weekend, my culinarily adventurous husband Mike decided that he was going to spend the first day of his Easter weekend making horchata. Being Chinese, drinking uncooked rice water sounded a bit scary to me initially. But after trying it once while working at a summer camp last year, I have to turn my back on my Chinese roots *sigh* and admit that I quite like it.

And after contemplating for half a morning Mike decided to use the recipe by Aaron Sanchez.

First, he pulsed rice and cinnamon stick in blender, until he got very cool-looking layers of coarsely ground rice and cinnamon. And my double-jointed left thumb is equally cool-looking here.

Then, he poured the liquid (keep out the grind!) into a large bowl and let it sit on the counter for… ever. Or more like 4 hours.

After that, he sifted the liquid by pouring it into a tea infuser. Not that he was trying to be extra fancy, we just don’t have a sift.

Finally, he blended it one last time. The result looked a tad more pink than I remembered. So, I must say, as much as I love Mike, I was a bit skeptical…

After letting it sit in the fridge for another 4 hours, the moment of truth…

It’s actually quite good!

So, here we have it, horchata! If you haven’t learned how to make horchata after looking at my photo illustration, then at least you have learned that I have a double-jointed left thumb and I’m cross-eyed. On a side note, if you’re having a particularly bad morning, may I suggest toast water, and rue the day!

Anyways. On a slightly related note, I’ve decided to enter Instructables’ Critter Contest! (It’s slightly related to horchata because my submission has something to do with rice. Kind of.) Since it’s a contest, I figure I would do more than just snap a few photos of my creature on our black coffee table. So, I spent an hour this afternoon doing a “photo shoot”. Here’s what the setup looked like:

Will write more about it soon!

Hope everyone’s had a good Easter weekend!

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