wisdom from an acorn

From this post by The Small Object Steno Pad.

It makes me think about what it means to hold my ground, and for what.

It makes me think about what it means to have faith, to be sure of what I hope for, to be certain of what I do not see.

And I thought this is a rather beautiful reminder:

We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them.
We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site meter.
We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, and the good effort.
We believe that small is beautiful.

From The Small is Beautiful Manifesto
(to learn more click on the “Small is Beautiful” button on the side bar)

Just thinking about the small things this morning. More to come later, hopefully today. But for now, I need to get some groceries and some school work done (meh).