Marshie the Monstermallow

Meet Marshie the Mon­ster­mal­low. He’s the crea­ture (or, as Marshie prefers, the mon­ster) I made for Instructa­bles’ Crit­ter Con­test. He was in the pho­to shoot I men­tioned at the end of a pre­vi­ous post!

Marshie lives on the 4 food groups of crisped rice cere­al, marsh­mal­lows, syrup, and but­ter. That’s why he looks like a Rice Krispies Square. Or a marsh­mal­low square. Or, as I pre­fer to call it, a marsh­mal­low treat. You are what you eat, I guess.

He has stub­by marsh­mal­low legs and gooey marsh­mal­low hands. He also wants to let you know that he can snap, crack­le and pop. He’s even made a video to demon­strate it.

(If you lis­ten care­ful­ly you might hear me chuck­ling in the back­ground dur­ing film­ing. Could­n’t help myself.)

What hap­pened was, while I was sewing Marshie togeth­er and was about to stuff him with some scrap foam pieces, Mike was sit­ting beside me eat­ing a marsh­mal­low treat. I could hear the “snap crack­le pop” when he was bit­ing into it. I sud­den­ly real­ized that the “snap crack­le pop” noise does­n’t dimin­ish even after the crisped rice has been glued togeth­er into a square. So, I stuffed Marshie with a cut-up plas­tic bag, so it would snap crack­le and pop when you squish him.

And here he is, going out to meet some friends.

“We all like to snap crack­le and pop. I think we can be friends.”

Marshie would­n’t look at the cam­era, he was too busy bal­anc­ing. “A good marsh­mal­low treat require the right bal­ance of marsh­mal­lows and crisped rice.”

After indoor pho­to shoot­ing, going out for a walk. “I’m so hap­py to be alive!”

“Roar. I’m a bear.”

We both have bad teeth. I think we can be friends.

So that was how I spent my East­er long week­end, pret­ty much. Did lots of new things because of Marshie. Like sign­ing up for an account on Instructa­bles, mak­ing a video and then upload­ing it on Vimeo. I’ve nev­er real­ly put my cro­chet work “out there”, as my friend Kit­ty has always urged me to. I guess this is a first step! Enter­ing a con­test! Speak­ing of which, vis­it my instructable if you want to see Marshie in a fan­cy slide show! I hope Marshie gets into the con­test. The Instructable Robot said it can take up to 48 hours for the mod­er­a­tors to review and approve entries. It’s been 28 hours and 21 min­utes, and last time I checked Marshie still has­n’t appeared on the con­test page… I can’t think of a rea­son why he would­n’t get in though. The only require­ment for the con­test is that the project involves yarn. I guess I’m just being doubt­ful because, like I said, I’ve nev­er put my work “out there” before. Sigh. Some­one on Instructa­bles com­pli­ment­ed Marshie on his pic­tures though, so that was an encouragement.

“I won­der if Marshie’s going to win…” I said.

“Well, you know what you’ve already won?” asked Mike.


“Marshie the Mon­ster­mal­low!” exclaimed Mike.

Mike’s the best, and he came up with “Mon­ster­mal­low”. I just came up with Marshie. But not to be con­fused with Marshie the Marsh­mal­low.

Any­hoo. I’ll sure­ly keep you post­ed about the Crit­ter Con­test. Have a hap­py Wednesday!

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