Marshie the Monstermallow

Meet Marshie the Monstermallow. He’s the creature (or, as Marshie prefers, the monster) I made for Instructables’ Critter Contest. He was in the photo shoot I mentioned at the end of a previous post!

Marshie lives on the 4 food groups of crisped rice cereal, marshmallows, syrup, and butter. That’s why he looks like a Rice Krispies Square. Or a marshmallow square. Or, as I prefer to call it, a marshmallow treat. You are what you eat, I guess.

He has stubby marshmallow legs and gooey marshmallow hands. He also wants to let you know that he can snap, crackle and pop. He’s even made a video to demonstrate it.

(If you listen carefully you might hear me chuckling in the background during filming. Couldn’t help myself.)

What happened was, while I was sewing Marshie together and was about to stuff him with some scrap foam pieces, Mike was sitting beside me eating a marshmallow treat. I could hear the “snap crackle pop” when he was biting into it. I suddenly realized that the “snap crackle pop” noise doesn’t diminish even after the crisped rice has been glued together into a square. So, I stuffed Marshie with a cut-up plastic bag, so it would snap crackle and pop when you squish him.

And here he is, going out to meet some friends.

We all like to snap crackle and pop. I think we can be friends.”

Marshie wouldn’t look at the camera, he was too busy balancing. “A good marshmallow treat require the right balance of marshmallows and crisped rice.”

After indoor photo shooting, going out for a walk. “I’m so happy to be alive!”

Roar. I’m a bear.”

We both have bad teeth. I think we can be friends.

So that was how I spent my Easter long weekend, pretty much. Did lots of new things because of Marshie. Like signing up for an account on Instructables, making a video and then uploading it on Vimeo. I’ve never really put my crochet work “out there”, as my friend Kitty has always urged me to. I guess this is a first step! Entering a contest! Speaking of which, visit my instructable if you want to see Marshie in a fancy slide show! I hope Marshie gets into the contest. The Instructable Robot said it can take up to 48 hours for the moderators to review and approve entries. It’s been 28 hours and 21 minutes, and last time I checked Marshie still hasn’t appeared on the contest page… I can’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t get in though. The only requirement for the contest is that the project involves yarn. I guess I’m just being doubtful because, like I said, I’ve never put my work “out there” before. Sigh. Someone on Instructables complimented Marshie on his pictures though, so that was an encouragement.

I wonder if Marshie’s going to win…” I said.

Well, you know what you’ve already won?” asked Mike.


Marshie the Monstermallow!” exclaimed Mike.

Mike’s the best, and he came up with “Monstermallow”. I just came up with Marshie. But not to be confused with Marshie the Marshmallow.

Anyhoo. I’ll surely keep you posted about the Critter Contest. Have a happy Wednesday!

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