Point & Shoot Wednesday

I have a point & shoot camera. It’s digital and it’s pink. I have no training whatsoever in photography. Except the photography class in grade 12, which was rather miserable — first, despite my best effort all the pictures I took somehow turned out fuzzy (I mean out of focus, not growing mold or fur), and then I walked into a wall in the dark room and got a rather prominent bruise on my cheek that lasted for weeks.

But, anyways, this pink camera has a macro function and it lets me take pictures of small things in great detail, and in focus, which makes me really happy. I like small things, and I discovered that I do like to take pictures after all. In fact I love to take pictures. As long as I’m not being graded. So Wednesdays is dedicated to my point & shoot pictures, usually of things that are small and mundane but delightful nonetheless.

It is rainy and grey in Torontoland today, so I thought I’d put up some pictures from the gorgeous Easter weekend.

We took a walk through different parks in our neighbourhood and gave this tree a hug.

The bright yellow lichens were mesmerizing.

Then we saw a piece of red and white string among the branches, swaying to the rhythm of the breeze.

On the way home from church, field of blue flowers already in bloom, couldn’t wait to see the sun.

This shrub reminds me that cherry blossoms festival is quickly approaching! I wonder if the cherry trees will be blooming early too, because of this incredibly warm weather…

Not complaining about the rain today though. There’s a time for sun and a time for rain. If it were summery all the time, all year long, then we’d be in trouble. Rain is good. It smells all fresh and grassy outside.

Hope you are well!

3 thoughts on “Point & Shoot Wednesday

  1. Lovely images! I have a point and shoot too, and I’m completely in love with the macro setting. (and lichen!) The cherry blossoms are lovely and make me eager for the arrival of plant life in our woods.

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