Marshie made it!!

Like I said, there’s no rea­son why Marshie would­n’t make it into the con­test, but I was still rather excit­ed when I got the email from the Instructa­bles Robot. Only Instructa­bles mem­bers can vote though, and I don’t real­ly expect to win, not that I don’t think Marshie is awe­some. I just think that not every­one likes the same things I do. I’m just excit­ed to see Marshie in a con­test, since I’ve nev­er entered any con­test before. Per­haps I will put more crea­tures into the Crit­ter Con­test, because mak­ing crea­tures is fun! :D

In the mean­while, check out the con­test entries if you like! They’re fantastic!

Have a hap­py Sunday!