Point & Shoot Wednesday

Last Friday was a bit of a gloomy day. The sky was grey and threatening to rain. The air was damp and cold. I was walking through a park in the east end of the city, and then I saw this shrub! It’s blooming so eagerly despite the cold weather and it’s PINK! (Have I mentioned that pink is one of my most favourite colours?) I believe it’s the same shrub that I took I picture of in last week’s Point & Shoot Wednesday. But this one is more pink.

It just brought me so much joy when I saw it. Look at all the pink flower buds!

And before the pink petals emerge the flower buds are fuzzy, so I once thought the shrub is a pussy willow. Then I looked up pussy willows and realized that they look different. Can anyone tell me what kind of shrub this is?

They really made me feel more enthusiastic afterward, not that I was in a particularly bad mood or anything. But funny how plants can have that effect on me.

And look! I found a red and white cord on this shrub! It’s the same one that we saw in a tree in our neighbourhood park, also posted in last week’s Point & Shoot! I wonder if its purpose is similar to that of the Japanese weather wishing dolls.

I love blooming shrubs and trees in the spring. There are a lot more of those on the street where my parents live. And when I used to live at home I would look out my window on the second floor and see pink trees on the side of the streets, like cotton candy. And the wind would sweep by and the petals would gently fall…

Trees are blooming in my neighbourhood park as well! I think this is a kind of maple…

Speaking of trees, I saw an article in the free subway newspaper yesterday about this company called Urban Tree Salvage. They make furniture out of salvaged wood, from trees that have suffered insect infestation, storm damage, or urban development (and of course they treat the wood to stop the infestations first before making them into furniture — the dining tables don’t come with dinner guests of beetles and worms, sorry). I’m also proud to say that they’re based in Scarborough! :D Visit them if you want to bring some trees into your home :)

I would really like to have one of these tables in my house one day. We’d be eating soup or drinking tea around it like hobbits!! :D

So! It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood — hug a tree today! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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